Taura-Vivian: Golden Warrior

posted by Nicoletta Rolla February 16, 2017 0 comments
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Name: Taura-Vivian Deacon

Location: Denver, Colorado

Job: Warehouse manager for an art gallery / Stylist

Website/Instagram / @golden_warrior





Where does the name Golden Warrior come from?


I’ve actually never really thought that deeply about the name. It was a nickname I picked for myself many years ago, and I’ve always felt connected to it. I’ve always been pretty confident and consider myself to be a bit of a warrior, and since I’m from “The Golden State”, it was a term I coined that just felt like me, it felt right.






Where did your love for modeling and overall aesthetic for styling come from?  


My mother was a model in her 20s and my father is a production designer with a strong sense of interior design, so I’ve always had this innate awareness of my surroundings and a natural understanding of what style is. I think it’s really fascinating that we, on our own, pick and choose objects that we like and how to represent ourselves. Obviously there are trends and guidelines we subconsciously follow but one of the most basic fundamentals of being a human is the ability to express yourself. I personally find style and modeling to be a really fun way to express those things. I thrive off of being able to create stories and characters through styling.




What is your idea of style? Where do you pull inspiration from?


Style to me is both physical and emotional. Style can be a way for someone to express how they are feeling that day, what time period they may relate to most or just a fun way to experiment with colors, fabrics and shapes. People are often afraid to try a new style or wear something that they think isn’t “them”. But who are you? You can be anyone and wear anything you want. I really think everyone should explore this in order to gain self confidence and understand the importance of feeling good in your body.


I pull inspiration from so many sources it’s hard to pin point. . .but I have always felt connected to the easy going and revolutionary mindsets of young adults during the 1960’s and 1970’s. These were crucial times of self awareness, expression and completely going against the grain. Your style can be very empowering and I love the idea of pushing boundaries in both society and fashion. West Coast vibes always and forever as well! Interior design also plays a huge role in my process of developing ideas and stories I plan for shoots. Some of my favorite blogs are Need Supply Co. , Miss Moss , StyleLikeU and The Selby.




Who is a woman you consider a style icon or a muse? 


I’ve always loved strong, natural women like Brigitte Bardot, Alexa Chung and Sade. Honestly any independent woman who makes a name for herself and stays true to her intentions, is someone I respect and consider a muse.



Enrique P

Enrique Parrilla Ph




Are you your own critic at times? 


Most definitely. Being confident doesn’t necessarily mean you know what you are doing all of the time. I am new to styling and modeling so I know that I have a lot to learn. I can get down on myself for not doing more projects or questioning my ideas, but I know that any idea or experience is better than none at all. Having an open mind, staying humble, and taking criticism from others is vital to growing and getting better at the craft. I think that if you approach every situation as a learning experience, regardless of your expertise, you have the potential to always get better.




Is the world of two wheels inspiring to you? 


I will start off by saying that riding motorcycles has truly changed my life, from the people I have met to the lifestyle I have adopted. I think it’s great that the motorcycle community, especially for women, has become as popular as it is. However, I would also be lying if I said that I didn’t think the world of fashion has become far too saturated by motorcycles and the accompanying aesthetic. It is everywhere. I have met some amazing people from the motorcycle community who have inspired me and there are really great companies as well, but I think it’s really important to not loose touch with yourself and your own vision. So yes and no, haha.




Are you a biker?


I find it a little silly to identify with this term of being a “biker”. I guess primarily because it’s such a broad term. It’s a bit like saying “I’m a human” – anyone can classify themselves as one but the word has much deeper, more personal meanings. Riding has definitely opened my eyes to my own personal comforts and has introduced to me a whole new way of living. There is really nothing quite like getting to know your bike and how it rides. Plus, being a part of local biker communities has shown me that even though you are all passionate about the same thing, there are so many different types of people that it attracts. In that sense, it becomes a personal journey.





You worked with Ladd Forde, a great photographer I have recently interviewed, tell me about this experience…


Meeting and getting to know Ladd has been fantastic. He has really helped me stay consistent with my work and is always down to dream up some idea. We are both constantly teaching each other something new and work really well together. I have brought Ladd into more fashion-centric aspects of photography which has landed us some exciting recognition and compelling projects! We share a lot of similar interests such as motorcycles and skateboarding , so we plan to continue to work as a team so that we can refine our respective crafts while also incorporating our shared hobbies. Ladd, you rule.






I have been lucky enough to work with both retail stores and talented photographers. Working with BLK OAK DNV (instagram: @blkoakdnv), for example, was really exciting considering the project consisted of motorcycles and great quality products that were a blast to style! I’ve also been fortunate to have worked on a Tiny Daggers (@tiny.daggers) and Red Wings Heritage Women collab. At this point I am primarily working towards getting experience, networking and establishing a name for myself, so I am thirsty for all sorts of work! I have some cool projects growing so keep posted. I am also moving back to Phoenix, AZ this upcoming summer, so you folks out there should contact me so we can share some good times!





What places are inspiring to you?


I’d have to start with my hometown of Los Angeles. Growing up in such a diverse and culturally driven city opened my eyes to so many types of architecture, fashion and life at such a young age. Because this has been embedded in me, I now have a different perspective when traveling.  Anywhere I go, I am observing both surface-level things, such as decor or scenery, but I am also looking at less obvious things, like how people are interacting with their surroundings and one another. I often draw inspiration from this.


Generally speaking, I am inspired by palm tree lined cities, hot parking lots and old breakfast spots that pack a lot of history.



Elvis Castillo 3

Elvis Castillo Ph



What era would you live in? 


The late eras of the 60’s & 70’s!





What is an “aesthetic atrocity” either of the past or of our time?


Well that’s a hard one…but let’s be honest, we would all be ok without a drop waist dress.




Style is…


feeling good about yourself and the life you’ve chosen to live.







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