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The Scarlet Headers

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Crew Name: The Scarlet Headers

Location: Denver, Colorado

Founder: Shelby Rossi

Year of Birth: August 2014

Website/ Instagram: @thescarletheaders

Abby Anderson for “The Scarlet Headers”

The Interview




Why “Scarlet Headers”? Please explain the choice of this name: 

The Scarlet Headers name came from a take on ‘The Scarlet Letter,’ which is a classic piece of American literature many of us had to read in school about women who acted out. Our founder, Shelby, came up with this play on words and liked the idea. Now we’re working on a bike build which will have red headers!






How was born the idea of this crew? 

Shelby Rossi was raised on motorcycles and in want of more women around her to ride with. She put out the PSA for lady riders in the summer of 2014 and was blown away by the amount of women looking for the same camaraderie in the Denver area. She has since moved to California to work for Ducati North America and we are keeping up the traditions she started two years ago.



dirt_bikes_no credit

Dirt Bikes! @thescarletheaders



A group of women united by the passion for Two Wheels and… what more? 

The Scarlet Headers is a group where women can feel comfortable, accepted and encouraged to approach the motorcycling community. A place to learn, give back and grow. Each woman unique with a different style, machine and background all share one passion. As a group we stand on three pillars – inclusivity to all, rider education, and giving back to our community.



What kind of Motorcycles do you Ride?

There are so many in the group, Triumph, Ducati, Harley, vintage and new… I ride a 2014 Triumph Tiger 800 and can barely touch the ground, but I got used to doing a hard lean. I just bought a 1982 Yamaha IT 250 dirtbike — another hard lean. I’ll let you know how it goes!



Technight4_Kate Rose Photo

Tech Night Ph Kate Rose



Talk me about the Events you organized: 

We started out with a lot of short rides and many socials to get women comfortable with each other/riding together, and have since grown to focus on garage nights, bike building, and taking farther travels together. Last summer we did our first overnight trip together, with eight women. It’s been an awesome journey to see women relax into their riding styles, learn to ride dirt together, do race days, ride long distance, etc.



An unforgettable experience that you have shared: 

When Shelby moved away we had a get-together, and we shared our feelings about the space that the Scarlet Headers provided for us personally. More than 20 women went around and shared how the group has affected their lives, giving many tomboys a place to talk about riding apparel rather than makeup, things to do rather than talk, a place to be themselves.



dirtbikes_no credit

Dirt Bikes! @thescarletheaders



What about the female Moto scene in your city? 

Denver has a thriving motorcycle culture due to good weather nine months out of the year. As a result there are many groups to join or single riders out there, it’s just a matter of finding the right ones to call your friends.





What will be your next Event? 

Our first annual dirt bike trip to Moab is at the end of February, and a group of 15 or so riders will go. Some have never been on a dirt bike and will be renting. Others have been riding since they were toddlers. We’re looking forward to making this trip a tradition while the weather’s too cold to ride in Denver — go to the desert.






A message for those who want to join your group: 

Just show up! This riding group is about encouraging more chicks on bikes and we’d be so happy if you came to say hi, even if you don’t have a bike. Sign up for our monthly newsletter, join our extremely active private Facebook group so you can see what sort of activities we do. Asking questions is the first step. I’m constantly amazed by the confidence of the women who participate, who know the power of their own capabilities. These types of people make life an adventure.







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