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-The Moto Quest- Let your passion be your compass-

posted by Nicoletta Rolla February 1, 2016 0 comments
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In life as well as on the road, the destination is not as important as the journey itself.
Aileen’s website, The Moto Quest, is not just a simple blog about the motorcycle adventures of a young female rider.

Visiting her blog you’ll realize that The Moto Quest is a search, a challenge, a dream, an adventure.
The Moto Quest is a personal expedition for truth, growth, transformation and healing – guided by Aileen’s sparkling spirit, open heart and sensitive intuition.



In 2008 Aileen decides to change her life; a move that’s been fueled by the desire of living life at its fullest after massive health-throw-back based on a disease she is fighting since early childhood.

After a harsh prediction from doctors, Aileen started thinking about the meaning of her life and about what it had to offer.

In order to find health and happiness, she decides to go.

Without telling any of her family and friends about the decision, she saves up for a one-way ticket to Melbourne/Australia and leaves only a couple of months later.



This wasn’t just the beginning of a physical trip, it turned out to be an intense and life changing spiritual journey.

Young, luminous Aileen is a motorcyclist but she primarily is a brave woman.

In that moment of difficulty, in times were others would have given up, she found her strength and determination (she’s a Teutonic woman!) and left her hometown Potsdam in Germany for a radical change in February 2009

“I promised myself I would create a life that was worth getting up for every morning, without wasting a single day. I vowed myself to live my dreams!”





A new continent. A new life. A new self to discover.
Aileen fulfills one of her biggest dreams in Australia, her motorbike lisence.

A ’89 Honda CD250U Café Racer becomes Aileen’s first daily ride and with the fresh excitement of a beginner and her passion, this little 250cc engine would hardly stand still.

The hours in the saddle of her “Frankenstein Racer” brought a lot of happiness and freedom into Aileen’s simple life in Melbourne, she states and I’m sure, you would’ve seen her throttling through the streets with the enthusiasm of someone who knows how to give value to every moment.

It didn’t matter to her that her bike was a crazy random mix of different old parts and pieces; not perfect but reliable; therefore the nickname Frankenstein.





Just when Aileen settled into this new life situation fate seems to persecute her again.
Due to a bureaucratic visa mistake by her employer, Aileen is forced to leave Australia within only two weeks.

Now that she had found a new balance and she was planning the future with hope, Aileen was forced to restart again!
Aileen has to leave behind all that she has built… What’s left are confusion and anguish.
Aileen decided to accept her fate, to follow the course of events and to live in a positive way, despite all the difficulties. She stranded in Bali Indonesia and gave birth to The Moto Quest.

A motorcycle adventure like we all dream of but more so an inner and very spiritual journey. An expedition not only made by kilometers but experiencing the ability of her spirit to overcome physical boundaries, obstacles and what others say cannot be done.


Aileen says, “We are all carrying with us luggage of trauma, physical challenges, doubt and fears, sorrows and soul damages as well as financial confronts. It seems that these clusters of circumstances stop us from living life to it’s fullest and hinder us to see what’s behind the horizon of our current awareness.”




It is impressive how Aileen transforms all negativity into positive energy, thanks to her tenacity, her strength but also her passion for motorcycles.


photo – Monk from Buthan: Karma Lhatrul Rinpoche



Why a motorcycle?

On her website Aileen quotes the famous words of Robert M.Pirsig from “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance“:

“…in the car you’re always in a passenger compartment; You’re used to and you do not realize that everything you see from the window is not that an extra dose of TV. You’re a passive observer and the landscape flowing beside you in a boring frame. Moving the frame is gone. You have complete contact with everything. Not a spectator, you’re in the scene, and the sense of presence is overwhelming.”

Aileen truly isn’t just a passive observer, she dipped deep into the tradition and the culuture of Indonesia, living all raw and pure emotions that only two wheels seem to be able to give you.




“Indonesia has been a gentle and patient teacher and has changed me and my perspective on life, humanity and myself.”


IMG_2044– with the guys of Verve Moto



She wants to be free on all levels; free to live, to take on life at her own terms, to feel the wind in her face and her heart beating in the tact of the motor.

In Indonesia she built a Honda Tiger GL 200 with the team of “Verve Motorcycles” based in Bali (now relocated to Italy and Germany). Together they transform it into an “adventure scrambler”: practical, functional and “rad” – just the style she loves!
With her little “Tiger” Aileen covers 7.000 kilometers of Indonesia’s roads; they quickly became great friends and good traveling companions. Two wheels as a therapy, especially, for the soul.



Her motto? “Home is where my Honda is”.







Lombok, Java and Bali every kilometer a conquest and a step further into a deep spiritual change and understanding of life.
 An experience too important and valuable not to document and to share.

Aileen decides to write about her trip and invites us to journey with her by creating the blog “The Moto Quest”.

No, this isn’t just a travel blog, a photo blog, or a guide for adventure motorcyclists; reading what she has to share may inspire you to live your own dreams and face life’s challenges with a different attitude.
“The Moto Quest” became a virtual space full of emotions, dreams, hopes and personal discoveries.

Aileen’s aim is to encourage people to fully live their own lives, to convert the negative energy into strength and determination. By her example we can learn how to overcome pain and difficulties through a great passion for nature, humans, adventure and life itself.

We can be grateful that she shares with us so much more than only many kilometres alone on a motorcycle in foreign countries.



Aileen will continue her journey in 2016.

On her social media platforms you can follow her next adventures, witness her new goals becoming reality and enjoy the many stories she will have to tell from the kilometers ahead of her.























She has many big dreams; one of them is finding a motorcycle to travel the world with, continue to inspire via her writings and possibly a film, to offer healing and coaching expeditions in the future and to one day “arrive” at a place that feels like home.

Her ideas are simple and humble; a little cabin in the woods, with a fireplace, a porch with a rocking chair and next to it a cozy shed to work on motorcycles.




Ph Motor Rausch




Aileen has not yet officially announced where her adventure is taking her next but based on her motto “Let your passion be your compass.”

I am sure it will be just as magical and engrossing as her past journeys.



Follow Aileen




If you want support Aileen’s The Moto Quest, please don’t hestitate to contact her via her website, she is currently seeking sponsors.







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