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Girls On Motorcycles – Lindsay Lohden Photographer- Moto Story –

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Lindsay Lohden @Lohdy
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– Lindsay Lohden Photography –






When did you first know that you wanted to be a photographer?


I became intrigued and obsessed with photographs, primarily fashion photography, starting around age 10. I remember falling in love with the photography in pages of Vogue, decades ago.

Years later, my 2nd year of college at age 20, is when it really hit me. I picked up a (film) camera my father had given me, as he used to casually shoot and explore photography on his own, and at that moment it just felt right.




Do you remember your first shoot?


My first “pre-planned shoot” is hard to recall; but I remember when I decided to shoot my first solo experiment, not staged. I went to New Orleans during Mardi Gras by myself while in college for a photo class /project to document the celebration in city; I had never been there before. This was long before Hurricane Katrina hit the city.

Roaming the streets of the city alone seeing the streets come alive during it’s most epic holiday was incredible to shoot. I actually still have the film from that trip; I’ve been meaning to make large prints from it.





Which are the contemporary photographers you admire?


Irving Penn

Richard Avedon

Ellen Von Unwerth

Helmet Newton

Sally Mann

David Sims

Guy Bourdin

Danny Lyon

Paola Roversi

Frank Ockenfels 3

Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott

Terry Richardson

Craig McDean

Steven Miesel

Juergen Teller

Peggy Sirota

Glen Luchford





How your style has evolved in these years and how you define it today?


It’s difficult to completely label or define my style today; but I will say I certainly when I shoot, aside from my personal reportage work, it shaping more into a commercial lifestyle feel.





Black and white or colors or…both?


BOTH, however I definitely have a deeper love more so for black and white, especially film.





Favorite Light.


Available light/natural.





Camera and Equipment: details.


I shoot with a handful of cameras.

My digital SLR is a 5DMarkII; I still shoot film depending on the scope of the shoot.

I use my Hasselblad when I’m usually shooting portraits; I shoot a bit more methodical when I’m shooting with my Hasselblad for obviously reasons; with the process being medium format, not having auto focus, framing the image and having to load the camera body.

I occasionally shoot in studio with strobes depending on the job.



Motorcycles are one of your favorite subjects, why you love it so much?


I love shooting the community on a whole, all types of motorcycle driven images. Ask anyone who rides….capturing people on or with their bikes in simple static still portraiture is one of my favorite things because their bike is an extension and representation of who they are.

Motorcycles are very personal, at least for all the people I know who own them. Motorcycle owners take pride in their bike; they put a lot of tender loving care in them and make both technical and aesthetic decisions and choices into what they ride.

Also I personally know how it feels to ride a bike, and it’s one of the best feelings on the planet, why not capture those priceless moments people are doing what they love.







What do you ride?


Harley – 1996 883 Sportster.




A Moto companion, a crew or a solo trip?


All of the above.






What are the other sources of inspiration for your work?


Music is basically my religion, so I am constantly stimulating myself with music, musicians, live music and new music I’m inspired by.

I love shooting musicians; honestly in my eyes, they help make the world go round. Music and photography clearly go hand in hand.

Of course it’s hard not to be inspired by travel, as for a photographer, travel, seeing “new” is candy to the eyes.

I got my BFA in Art History/Photography, so studying the arts and the artist behind the work has always been an interest and inspiration to me.

Film, fashion, art and classic cars are also forms of inspiration.



Favorite location.


Honestly, it varies, sometimes it’s about where you are at that very moment; however in the past decade I’ve been shooting quite a bit in the Mojave Desert and it never ever fails on me.

The light is incredible out there.



What are your current projects?


Aside from some freelance jobs, I’m shooting a few personal series right now, it’s still evolving.

More to be revealed down the road.

I’m also shooting a few jobs for moto related companies, from apparel to technical companies.

I just shot Babes Ride Out #5 end of October; the 3rd year I’ve shot for the founders.




Any future plans or artistic dreams you can share with us?


My focus right now is creating my future live/work space, I am aiming for to create a space for myself where I am constantly inspired which involves lots of natural light and wide open space to shoot.




Photography is…
…that one second in time, where you get capture a feeling, expression,experience and or moment and return to it again and again and again…



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