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Girls On Motorcycles – Holly-May Hagan – Moto Story –

posted by Nicoletta Rolla January 31, 2018 0 comments
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Name: Holly-May Hagan

Location: West London

Job: Builders Merchant/ Timbers Yard

Motorcycle: Yamaha SR 125

Ig: @ Hollyweed_xx ( just like the David Mann painting )





When did you start loving motorcycles? Has anyone transmitted this passion to you?



The love for motorcycles are some of my first memories.

My dad introduced me to everything I now know. Dads house was like a museum full of bikes, bike parts, bike art, bike movies and bike magazines.

We always had guests come over and dad could always tell who it was by the sound of the bike pitching up.

Started going to bike rally’s at a young age and of course Santa pod. The love just grew and grew. So there I was a little girl with a dream.

When I was about 14 I finally got the phone call from dad saying he was taking me out on the Sportster. I was nervous about leaning you know, but soon as I got on the back and we set off it was the best feeling ever. So natural. The sound of this beast carrying us up the road felt unreal.

What I’d always dreamed of and god dam it didn’t disappoint. Well was the best day of my life!

We went to a bike show at a pub and had a few beers met with a few friends and then went on to the most righteous party I’ve ever attended, the road rats mc open night.

A night to remember. Me and dad haven’t stopped partying since.

So yeah guess it’s all down to Ed Ryan ❤️



#stolenphoto 😎🏋🏻‍♀️

Un post condiviso da Holly-May (@hollyweed_xx) in data:



First ride experience: feelings, sensations.



My first ride was my Cbt.

I done it local it so I knew the roads. The feeling, I was riding down the roads I’d walked down for so many years. Took me away.

I brought the Yamaha a week later. My brother Tom took me for my first ride to say the least it was scary as hell it all became so real. We ended up coming home and I was pretty beaten up on how nervous I actually was. I had a little smoke and me and Tom went back out later that day it was the night time ride we’d always spoke about, down the ace cafe we went.

Was magical to feel confident riding beside my brother!

We had a big hug when we got home and cracked open a beer.




What do you ride? Details.



The Little Joint Aka Yamaha Sr 125 2001.


I’ve had her for about 10 months now.

She ain’t no chop but she’s my baby. We’ve connected.


Since I’ve had her all I’ve done is put new chain and sprockets on they was knackered. Got some cute little indicators from Kempton Bike Jumble, was highly proud of myself for putting them on. Oh and Brother tom got me some brown grips from kempton jumble they look like they was made for the bike.

The bloke who owned it before must of gone round every bolt with a impact so it’s rather annoying as I’m going over the bike I’ve had to have some man power and help from the garage just for bolts haha!






What is the place you love the most to enjoy your motorcycle?



On the road man. With the wind hitting my little nose and hair. Or sitting outside a pub or inside my tent thinking we finally made it.




Photo taken by @jacqueline.fotos @hollyweed_xx



What about your local motorcycle community? Do you ride with other girls?



No I don’t have any lady’s to ride with.



It’s mostly me and my brother going for rides. Of course daddy as well.





What is the most beautiful motorcycle adventure you’ve experienced so far?



Well it’s got to be The Trip Out 2017. It was my first long journey.

My bike was all packed up for the first time with tents make up and booze. Me, dad and Tom rode up there and my other brother Jack followed up later in his Buick skylark. This was our first family rally that we all had our own vechials.

To ride next to dad and Tom for all them miles was emotional more emotional than I’d ever thought. Was one of the best weekends I’ve had.

The venue was at a old RAF base site, a famous spot in the uk for UFO’s. it had like a drag strip all the way round the camp so there we was tom on his Honda me on my Yamaha and brother jack in the Buick blasting round the camp site, man did it feel good!

The ride home gave me a lot of experience we had terrible rain and winds that was throwing me all over the road my bike was shaking already doing 60 and i was nearly blinded by the rain.

Three and half hours later we got home. Soaked right through like I’d just jumped in a swimming pool. My dr martens was out of action for about of week they was so wet !




What will be your next moto-adventure?


We are planning to do the frosty run chopper show in Aylesbury in March. We only saw it on instagram the other week but looks pretty badass so we will definitely take the ride up there.

We are also planning on taking the ride up to wales to do the hook up show.

We will most likely go to the trip out this year. Always a great party don’t think we’ve missed a show.

And I’ve got my Harley fund growing and planning the big license soon. Hopefully this year me and my brother will make some memories on the road.


Photo by Ian Evans. @hollyweed_xx




Besides motorcycles what are your other passions?



You know that’s the hardest question you’ve asked me.

I’m going to say the ukulele, I’ve been on and off with it but when I’ve got it in my arms it’s the only other thing that frees my mind like being on the little joint !




Holly, what is a MOTORCYCLE for you?
Motorcycles are magical. No matter what you ride if it’s got two wheels and you love it you’re on to a winner.
I don’t know where I’d be in life and my mindset if I didn’t pull my finger out and do the Cbt and buy my lovely little Yamaha.
She’s saved me from something for sure.




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