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Girls On Motorcycles – Eline Hospied…Oh, hell yes, you did it!

posted by Nicoletta Rolla November 21, 2017 0 comments
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Name: Eline Hospied

Location: Antwerp, Belgium

Job: Insurance broker

Motorcycle: Harley Davidson Sportster 883R

Ig: @e.linne


Your first ride experience; memories, feelings.


I’ve always been  a passenger, sitting on the back. Until a year ago when I decided…I really wanted to ride my own bike! I heard there was a test at the local Harley Davidson store called “American Lifestyle” during their “experience days“.

I’ve always been interested in bikes but I have nerver driven  one, not even  a little one. They organized these days for try-outs even if you don’t have the right driving license. You can give it a try on a Harley Street and have a taste of the power on a 48, so I did  and immediately decided to take my license! If I have to describe that moment it should only be: “Hell yes!!





Why the motorcycle? What do you love in it? 

The real reason I love the motorcycle is just for the ride. You go out and it’s fun as hell everytime! It’s also undeniably cool, full of power and strength. It makes you feel alive and happy. And it has a lot of possibilities! A lone ride to set your mind free and enjoy the surroundings or a long relaxed  group trip with good  company, where you can have the most amazing time with… You can go almost everywhere you want and it’s so liberating, exciting and relaxing  at the same time.





More details about your bike.


It’s an Harley Davidson Sportster 883R  2005 imported from the UK. Small adjustments like an s&s airfilter. Led backlight and blinkers.

It’s my first bike and I’ll never gonna sell it for it’s sound, is so nice and I love it’s retro looking tank .

My dreambike is a HD Lowrider S 2016-2017. Maybe soon!




What is the relationship with your motorcycle in everyday life? 

I almost take my bike everyday to go to  work if  the weather permits or I go home at noon to get it. I’m always on time with it. Traffic in Belgium is a mess at peak times. Only when finished, it takes a little longer to get back home . Let’s call that conscious detour. On the weekends we’re inseperable adventure partners.




A Moto trip; alone, with others or both?

Both! I like to get lost without planning a destination. Just riding into the unknown and discover beautiful places. Also meeting nice people along the way when you take a little break.

Or hitting the road with others or a good company. No matter if there’s a fixed destination or not, we are ready for  new adventures and stories and to have a lot of fun!




A road or a place you recommend to enjoy the  two wheels.


Mostly I ride to the Netherlands  because of it’s good quality roads and extensive landscape, so you can go throttle it out and free your mind in some fresh air.

For more adventure I choose the Ardennen (south Belgium) with much more curves and its beautiful forests.

I wish to go on a further roadtrip through Europe…you’ll definitly hear about that on insta!

I love to ride in the port of Antwerp. It’s  very nice and has a certain atmosphere too. You know there’s a lot of activity and yet it’s quite and nice surroundings with the water.





What has been  the most exciting motorbike adventure so far?


Three months after taking my license I rode to the Ardennen here in the south of Belgium. Beautiful surroundings but difficult roads, slopes, hills, forests , riding through mud… but I loved it! I never forget that moment where I had to improve my riding skills. Also the big rides, like this years’ DGR, where we rode through Antwerp with more then 500 riders. Enjoyed the atmosphere, the ride and definitly the custom build bikes.




You live in Belgium, what can you tell me about your local female Moto community?
Unfortunatly, I haven’t found many female riders yet.. In neighboring countries the female biker community is bigger then in our small country, I hope I can motivate and inspire other women to take a course so ours community can GROW and we can ride together and enjoy good times. I’m connected with a lot of bikergirls on social media to follow their stories. I’m sure I’m gonna meet some of them soon.

Girls support girls. Please keep that up.






What will be your next destination?
Paris is definitly on my list. I want to feel the atmosphere of liberté, égalité et fraternité on my bike!

Stay Tuned on my IG : @e.linne






Eline, what is for you a MOTORCYCLE?

It’s a freedom machine thanks to which I can find my feel-good, independence and fire. It activates all your senses when you’re flying down the freeway.

There’s just nothing quite like it.

I lost myself in it, and I found myself there too.



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