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Girls On Motorcycles – Susanna Gray -Rolling in Sweden-

posted by Nicoletta Rolla September 5, 2017 0 comments
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Name: Susanna Gray

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

Motorcycle: 2015, Yamaha SR400

Job: Accountant

IG: @susannagray




First approach with Two Wheels and first ride experience; feelings, memories.

It all started in Sydney, two years ago, when I was visiting my cousin Nina. She took me on the back of her Motoguzzi V7 and I just couldn’t stop smiling.

Riding over Sydney Bridge, under a beautiful sunset, I felt more alive than I had in a long time. At that moment I squeezed Nina a little tighter and told her and myself that I’m getting my bike license.

The girls ( @thethrottledolls ) introduced me to the world of riding from different aspects, I couldn’t wait to be a part of it and ride my own bike with them.

Life is too short to have dreams without taking action so I set up a deadline, a plan and started working for it! As soon as I got back home to Sweden I found my SR400 and started practicing. I’m lucky to have a riding auntie, who helped me push my limits and get my full license pretty fast.

Then I went back to Australia for six months, to explore the life on two wheels, working for Harley Heaven. Being able to ride all these different Harleys took my interest for bikes to another level.

The thrills from the throttle and the power of the engine combined with best friends and adventures, got me hooked for life.





What are your emotions you feel while you’re riding your Bike?

That special buzzing happiness, when you kick start the engine, pull down your visor and twist the throttle hits me every time.

I love the immediate response of every motion, giving you full control.

It makes me feel free, alive and one with the bike.





More details about your Motorcycle.

I’m still on my first bike, a Yamaha SR400, a fun and easy bike that will always be my little baby.

It’s a reproduction of the SR from 1978, looking all vintage. You always have to kick start it, but with the new fuel injection, decompression and the right touch, it fires up immediately.

The Swedish cold winter is coming which is a perfect time for me to learn more about the mechanics and customize it.

I’m also saving to get something heavier for the next season, I’ll probably fall for a bad ass chopper of some kind. I’ll still be keeping the SR though, would break my heart selling it.




A place or a road to enjoy Two Wheels.

Since I started riding I’ve discovered a lot of great roads just outside my hometown.

Gothenburg it’s located by the coast and also surrounded by lakes and open country roads. My childhood friends and neighbors, who also ride, have this beautiful summer house in a little town called Bovallstrand on the west coast of Sweden.

It’s a 250 k ride heading north from where we live and the roads we take to get there are my absolute favorite. We ride over idyllic islands by ferries and cross bridges with mind blowing scenery. During the last 50 k the road heads in to a green, empty forest with some real fun curves to handle.

It’s the perfect weekend getaway, hanging out as we did as kids, but these days on some heavier toys.






Ph by @_mrtimms and @pandco



A Moto trip; alone, with others or both?

With others!

I love being on the roads with my mates, having our own special helmet language with signs and signal, discovering new roads and just hanging out doing bike stuff.

It means a lot having friends and family with the same passion.

Since motorbikes are my daily way to commute, I do a lot of solo riding. I need those moment too, it relaxes my mind.






What about your local Moto community?

In Gothenburg the bike community is growing every year.

You don’t really see that many motorcycles on the roads. Having that said, you’d be surprised of how many diamonds are hidden in garages.

Customized café racers and old bobbers all polished and rolling out for special occasions.

I’m happy to see more women out there too, The Litas Gothenburg have got a great bunch of girls together, supporting each other and sharing experiences.



Any Moto event you can’t miss?

Wheels and Waves in Biarritz, you have to go there!

It’s got everything. Incredible bikes, rides, races, music, shows, surfing and much more. Make sure you don’t miss the Wall of death show.

This festival has the best vibe with passionate people from all over the world, I’ll definitely be going back next summer.

I’m also planning to check out the Petroletts outside of Berlin and the Assembly London show for the first time next year.




A fun or unforgettable memory related to your Moto experiences.

Riding in Northern Spain – Me, my cousin Henrik and my friend Hasse, all on loud Harleys were heading up to France riding from Madrid.

We decided not to take any highways so the GPS lead us through the desert, riding hours without seeing a single car on the road, hoping we had enough fuel. Occasionally we passed a couple of houses with a lot of animals running free. Hasse was on this huge Ultra with speakers blasting Swedish country music the whole way. As we were riding through these farms, the people living there must have heard us from a distance. They came running out with their mouths wide open, probably wondering what the hell we were doing out there.

Being alone on these open roads allowed us to speed up and do silly stuff. We had a lot of fun, a constant feeling of excitement and giggling laughter.




Your last Moto adventure and what will be the next one?

That would be the Wheels and Waves festival in France a few months ago.

Such a great feeling having friends riding in from all over Europe, to spend the week there together.

We did some great rides there, along the seafront down to San Sebastian and getting lost up in the beautiful mountains of the Pyrenees. W&W showcased some of the most amazing old school motorcycles I’ve ever seen. Meeting a lot of legends and hearing their stories is so inspiring, reminding you of how special it is to have a lifestyle on two wheels.

Looking ahead there will probably be some spontaneous adventures coming up pretty soon here in Sweden, we need to make the most of what’s left of our riding season.

In February I’ll be vising my friends and family in Sydney, I know there will be some great rides and adventures waiting for me there.




A Motorcycle is…




…a  freedom machine, with the power to make you feel alive, exited and focused on the present moment.





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