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Girls On Motorcycles – Sarah Furey –

posted by Nicoletta Rolla July 21, 2017 0 comments
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Heather Young

Heather Young ph

Name: Sarah Furey

Location: Long Beach, CA

Job: Hairdresser

Motorcycle: 2002 Harley Davidson Sportster

IG: @sarahfury Fb: sarah furey



Heather Young1

Heather Young ph



First approach with Two Wheels and first ride experience; feelings, memories.

I was stoked but nervous, because the dude i was dating at the time scared me, saying, “be super careful” and “don’t drop the bike”.

Theres really nothing to be scared about. Even though i was nervous, i pushed through because i was determined to ride, and once i got on, i never wanted to get off.

I met this older dude howard who was a bike mechanic in fort lauderdale, he helped me get my 74 honda cb200 up and running.

My first ride was with him from fort lauderdale to the everglades, and we went to this biker spot called cafe 27. I remember riding back with a group of people, and feeling such camaraderie.

My bike had an issue and they all stopped to help me get it running again. those damn hondas. Howard and i never wouldve met if it weren’t for motorcycles, he’s the most badass dude and its people like him and experiences like that, that i will never stop riding.





Joe Rizzo

Joe Rizzo ph




What are your emotions while you’re riding your Bike?

Lets just say i wear a full face helmet with a chrome shield because I’m probably making a cheesy happy face.

I always prefer being on two wheels over four, even if I’m a baby when it comes to the cold.






More details about your Motorcycle.

My bike gained the nickname “dad bike” because when i purchased it, it came with iron cross mirrors, a cross on the tank and a huge shield with crosses on it.

I’m stoked on my bike now, its been a really fun process making it mine.






A place or a road  where you love to ride.


Any canyon is ridiculously beautiful on a bike. I love malibu/topanga, angeles crest, laguna, and santiago canyon, to name a few.







A Moto trip; alone, with others or both?

I dont have too many long distance trips under my belt yet, but I’m surely working on it.

Just rode down to San Felipe, Mexico with a group of friends for the 2017 El Diablo Run.

It was such an amazing experience going through the motions together. From being deathly hot, to freezing our butts off, shoulder cramps and long gas station breaks. But its all worth it.








What about your local Moto community?

In Long Beach we have Taco Moto Tuesday.

Every Tuesday we meet up and all ride together to a local spot to grab tacos and drinks (never too many). I’ve met a ton of amazing individuals through this community and I’m super appreciative.







Any Moto event you can’t miss?

Born Free.

Can’t find a single thing to complain about it. Yes, its hot as all hell, but thats why you get in the dunk tank, at the sweat shop booth, or get into water bottle fights. so many rad bikes and people.

I actually love that theres no phone service because running into a friend is like winning the lottery 100 times a day. So fun.



Taylor Dunfee1

Taylor Dunfee ph




A fun or unforgettable memory related to your Moto experiences.


This is a really hard question, because they are all fun and unforgettable.

But i guess ill talk about when i rented a bike and rode it through the grand canyon.

My best friend drove with me across country, we had planned on going to the Grand Canyon, but on the way, we passed an eagle riders motorcycle rental spot and both our eyes widen. She’s never even been on the back of a bike before. Here i am, this little 100lb girl and they rented me a Harley Davidson heritage softtail, and she gets on the back.

The ride was incredible, the Grand Canyon was bigger than i could’ve imagined. when we got back to eagle riders, the man who gave me the bike was in shock i brought it back in one piece.

He was laughing so hard and told me he didn’t think he was going to see that bike again. hah.

I proved him wrong!




A Motorcycle is…
…hmmm life. I don’t know what id do without it. Its given me the greatest life experiences and lifetime friends to go with it.




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