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Girls On Motorcycles – Parker Burchfield –

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Girls On Motorcycles – Parker Burchfield

The Interview








Parker Burchfield


Sydney Australia


Design Director

Distinguishing Marks:

Not sure… does only wearing black count hahahah


Yamaha SR400





First memory connected with Motorcycles.
I didn’t have a great start with motorbikes, when I was kid I had a go on a dirt bike. I must have freaked out and hit the throttle too hard almost running over another kid and then crashing into the trees.
I was fine, but bikes were scary for a long time after that.

First Ride experience.
I committed to buying the bike before knowing how to ride.
A friend helped me pick it up on the weekend and once it was home I was determined to ride it to work on Monday, so I just kept riding around the block over and over again. I was so scared that Monday but I made it without stalling!
After the first couple of months of riding I feel in love with it, I never realised it would become such a huge part of my life.

Ph Pete Cagnacci




More about your Bike.
I wanted a something retro… I was really attracted to the beauty and simplicity of older bikes.
I ended up with a 2014 model of the SR400 because I ride to work everyday and needed something a knew would start up morning after morning. Its still pretty classic though, the SR models are still kickstart only, which took some getting used to.
Your ideal place to enjoy Two Wheels.
My favourite place to go is the old pacific highway.
It used to be the highway that ran north of Sydney but is now a scenic route. It is a really pretty route through the national parks and it really twisty all the way through. I often ride up there on a Sunday and spend the morning riding through and back.



A Moto trip, alone or with others? With others? Moto companion or crew.
I ride a lot with both the Sydney Cafe Racers and the Foxy Fuelers and they have introduced me to some of the most amazing places to ride.
Its really nice following the leader and not worrying about where to go, you can focus on riding and whats around you more.
At the same time though taking off by myself is a great way to clear my thoughts.
Best Moto Adventure.
One Saturday when I woke up and decided to ride South as far as I could, I wasn’t really sure where I would end up. As it started to get dark I pulled into a little town and stayed at the hostel there (without overnight gear) and then got up early and kept riding.
It was an awesome escape, the weather was perfect and that area of Australia is stunning.


When you don’t Ride what do you do?
I’m a digital designer for a creative technology agency working mostly for interactive installations such as games and light displays.
Im also trying to keep busy with other creative endeavours, at the moment I’m working towards making a line of sustainable, life-proof clothing for the moto community… I’ll keep you posted.




What will be your next destination?
Not sure yet!
I want to do some much longer trips, my dream would be to ride across Canada in the summer.




Ph Pete Cagnacci

A Motorcycle is…

…an adventure buddy, a way to meet awesome groups of people, something that pushes you out of your comfort zone, and teaches you that life doesn’t need to be so crazy.







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