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Girls On Motorcycles – Connie Mobley

posted by Nicoletta Rolla March 20, 2017 0 comments
@connicucumber - Kyle Alexander Photography
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Name: Connie Mobley

Austin, Texas


Website/Instagram: @pillvr @conniecucumber


Girls On Motorcycles


The Interview



Connie, what’s your first memory connected to Motorcycles?

I was probably 9 or 10, sitting in the car with my dad. A big group of motorcycles flew past us, guys riding with girls on the back, and I was so fascinated by them. I wanted to know who they were, where they were going, and I wanted to go with them. My dad noticed my eyes light up. He leaned over and said, “Those things are dangerous, but I’ll never stop you from riding one if that’s what you want.”



What about your first Ride?

I can’t recall my first ride, but I do remember when I learned how to ride.

I was 19 and had a college boyfriend who had been riding since he was about 3. We were always riding around on back country roads or flying over jumps on his dirt bike.

He taught me how to ride on an old air strip. He gave me a very brief rundown and then let me take off and figure it out. I was terrified, but that feeling of independence and adrenaline had me completely hooked.




What do you Ride and what’s your relation with Two Wheels in everyday life?

I own a 1976 Kawasaki KZ750 chopper and a 2013 Harley Davidson 48. I had wanted my own bike for as long as I can remember. I finally realized that I was the only one who had the power to turn my dreams into reality; so I sold my car, bought a 1975 Honda CB550, and never looked back.

Two wheels IS my everyday life.

My motorcycles are my only mode of transportation, so I ride daily, even when the weather doesn’t quite agree with me. There are some days that are so gloomy and damp, and I absolutely dread getting on my bike. But once I start the engine and pull the throttle, all the dread goes away and I remember why I chose to live every day on two wheels.



Best Moto companion or crew.

Over the past year, I’ve met a lot of people who share my passion for motorcycles.

I met a great group of women and we spent the entire summer riding to new swimming holes and finding adventure around every bend.

My very dear friend, C, is probably my favorite riding companion. Since the day we met we have been on two wheels together. He is always down to ride, whether it be a little lap around the city before work, or cruising to our favorite lookout spot at 3am.

He will always be my ride or die.



The Place you love to enjoy Motorcycles.

I love finding new places to ride around Austin.

My favorite places are roads that seem endless and are surrounded by tall trees or beautiful mountains off in the distance. I recently enjoyed a wonderful trip to California, and the scenery was indescribable.

My favorite places are roads that lead to new adventure.


What’s your soundtrack for a Moto trip?

My playlist always varies so much!

A couple of my favorites are J.J. Cale, Bob Dylan, Jesse Woods, Nick Cave, Nikki Lane, Nina Simone, Christopher Cross, Old Man Canyon, and Big Black Delta.



You have a boho inspired,  70’s style, are you a vintage lover?

I am absolutely a lover of vintage.

I think my style is inspired from the 60’s and 70’s, when fashion was being revolutionized by the growing popularity of the chopper culture, and other key figures like Steve McQueen, Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Nicks.

Fashion became more of a personal expression of style. Denim was a wardrobe staple, and for women, high-waisted pants and tightly-fitted tops were the norm. I see the fashion choices then as an expression of freedom, with a hint of rebellion. There’s just something about the style from that era that resonates with me..



What will be your next Adventure?

Right now, a couple of friends and myself are planning to take about 2-3 months off this summer to ride up towards Sturgis, then across the US towards Washington state for a couple of days.

Then we want to go south towards Big Sur and Baja, California, then head back up towards Utah and Colorado to check out some National Parks before we head home.




A Motorcyle is…

My therapy, my escape, my life’s blood. The only way I know how to survive.







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