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Girls On Motorcycles – Candra De Bord Hoke – Trashy Candy

posted by Nicoletta Rolla May 2, 2017 0 comments
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ph Wesley Hoke @trashy_candy



Name: Candra De Bord Hoke
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
Job: Visual Stylist
Motorcycle: 1978 Harley Davidson Shovelhead


Photo by Savannah Rose @trashy_candy

First memories connected with Motorcycles.
Riding on the back when I was little with one of my Dad’s friends that lived in the same trailer park as we did. This ultimately made me tie motorcycles in with a “wild” lifestyle.




Photo by Jess Flowers @trashy_candy



First Ride experience
I grew up riding  whatever my parents could provide…  The first thing was a lawnmower my dad had taken the blades off of, then a dirt bike that was too tall for me, a 3 wheeler, and eventually transitioned into a 4 wheeler… it wasn’t until 2011 that I got on 2 wheels with my first bike which was a Honda 350.




Photo by Savannah Rose @trashy_candy



More about your Bike.
My current bike is a 1978 Shovelhead. Designed by me, but fabricated by my Husband.
The story behind it goes a little something like this…My husband had built an Ironhead while I was riding my 350 and later on a Panhead at the time I was riding an 883.  Unfortunately my husband was hit on his Panhead in front of me while I was riding behind him on the 883.  It was a bad accident and he broke his neck, had a brain injury, had to learn how to walk again, took speech therapy, and it took a lot of time to recover from.  As he started getting back to his old self we knew for sure we were going to fix his Panhead, and I myself had gotten really into the idea of customizing my own bike and really wanted my own chopper.  So time went by and I analyzed other bikes that I liked and ultimately began picking out parts for my future “chopper”.  I then ended up reading book about Harley Davidson motors that explained how they changed each year and I decided then that I wanted a shovel head.  I choose it because I wanted the most “advanced” old Harley motor.
I had also came up with a theme for my bike, just like I do when I get dressed each day… “Ride the Lightning”.  I wanted my tank to look similar to the Metallica album cover, I wanted a lightning bolt sissybar, and a purple seat.  Not just purple, but velvet because I love velvet.  I’m also not a fan of King and Queen seats if they are not necessary so I decided on a cobra seat.  Lastly, my husbands Panhead was jockey shift, and I thought it looked so fun so I wanted my Shovel to be jockey too.  I have always driven stick shift anyways so I thought, why not?!  I also wanted to hard tail it so we ordered a hard tail kit.  We got on Craigslist and we found a Shovel for sale in Georgia and drove down to get it.
We started tearing the bike down and ordering the parts I wanted. We were doing this at the same time we were working on my husbands wrecked Panhead.  We were both trying so hard to finish the bikes for an event called, “Smokey Mountain Chopperfest”.  We literally stayed in our basement days at a time trying to rush and finish them both! We didn’t make it by the time the event happened and it was super depressing!
We then decided to take a big trip on the coast of North Carolina on our bikes and it is one of my favorite memories to this day!
To give proper credit, please check out these people on Instagram!
My seat was done by “newchurchmoto”. My tank was painted by “flyingweasel_” and my hard tail kit was from “haifleybrothers”.




Photo by Myra Anderson @trashy_candy

What about your local Moto scene?
I recently just moved back from California.
We tried it out there for close to 2 years and we figured out it was a place to “visit” not to live. We had fun adventures, but one thing for sure is riding isn’t that fun out there. We missed the backroads of North Carolina.
Now we are in Charlotte NC and recently moved our bikes and tools into a shop with 3 other guys that ride.
So far the motorcycle scene here is poppin! We love it and have lots of events and trips planned this summer! My bike will be one of many featured in the upcoming event in May called “The Congregation” which is put on by Prism & Dice Magazine.



Photo by Wesley Hoke @trashy_candy


A Moto trip alone or with others?
Alone is cool, but with others is often more fun or at least more of a story to tell.  Something about someone breaking down, partying too hard, etc… makes for a great memory.
With others? A Moto companion or a crew.
Both! I love riding with my husband obviously, but having a few extra dudes is fun too!

Photo by Wesley Hoke @trashy_candy


A road or a place you really love to enjoy Two Wheels.
Honestly riding in Joshua Tree was amazing, but I think my favorite still yet is riding on the Outer Banks.  Its dead, in the middle of nowhere and you have to takeFerries to get to island to island and the end result is ending up at the beach.
Last time a few of us road to Malibu and jumped in the water and we all agreed “swimming” was the best part!

Best Moto adventure.
Riding the Outer Banks of North Carolina on our newly/rebuilt bikes.
We hit lots of rain, had to camp out in random places, broke down, parts fell off, my front brake stopped working and my rear brake got weird for a little bit! We planned on making it a 3 day trip that turned into 5!
Times got stressful, but it was easy to shrug off because it felt like we were “living in the moment” and everything worked out as planned.



Photo by Jess Flowers @trashy_candy

Any Moto event you can’t miss?
Smokey Mountain Chopperfest! We went the first year, and missed the second year due to not finishing our bikes in time and then we moved to California.  Now that we are back on the East Coast we must accomplish this goal!

When you don’t Ride what do you do?
I work in the Fashion Industry so I’m usually obsessing over trends, thrifting, or making something.  I had an online store called “Trashy Candy” before moving to California and plan on bringing that back now that living is back to a slower pace. Keep your eyes peeled!




Photo by Wesley Hoke @trashy_candy

What will be your next destination?
DOLLY-WOOD in Tennessee!

A Motorcycle is…
…a wakeup call to life…you become Self Aware and Centered.

Photo by Andrzej Dyba @trashy_candy






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