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Girls On Motorcycles – Dominka Grnova

posted by Nicoletta Rolla July 31, 2017 0 comments
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Dominika Grnova
East London
Fashion model,artist and a female rider influencer
Ducati scrambler full throttle that has been customised into a black beast.
IG @dominikagrnova
IG Art: @dominkagrnovaart
Art website





First approach with Two Wheels and first Ride experience.


I grown up in a little village in north Greece & all my friends had motorcycles that made me desire to have one too!

When  i got to the age of 27 (already living in London 2 year) i had a breakfast with my boyfriend in the Bike Shed and felt in love with one of Kevil’s speed shop bikes that was standing there in the exhibition room. It was a custom Honda cbf250.

The next day we when and bought it and i apply for my motorcycle driving license in the uk.

Meanwhile my boyfriend was teaching me how to ride it in the car park where we were keeping it.
The feelings connected with Motorcycles.

Every rider shares the same passion!

Its all about the freedom you feel while riding on 2 wheels.

I love riding in the rain!

I love riding through a forest..

Being in control and basically being completely exposed to your surroundings is what makes me wanna ride all the time!





More about your Bike.

After having my Honda cbf250 for a month I decided that I needed something with more power.

So i decide to go to the Ducati dealership in London and test ride the Ducati scrambler full throttle.

I felt in love with it!

My boyfriend helped me customise it so it looks more like my dream bike!

Its full black,with a ceramic coated termignoni exhaust,mustang seat,rizoma handlebars,

Different number plate position & much smaller indicators.

Basically it fits perfectly with my petite figure and it looks badass!




A Moto trip, alone or with others?


I love riding alone,

But riding with friends and sharing experience together makes it even better!!!

Hard one to choose.



With others? Best Moto companion or Moto crew.


My boyfriend!

He knows me the best & knows what i like.


Also a girls ride out is definitely fun thing to do,specially if you decide to go camping in the nature together!



Best moto crew?

Definitely all my friends that work for Ducati scrambler in Bologna!!!



An unforgettable experience on Two Wheels.


The DirtQuake motorbike festival!

I race for the first time with 12 other woman & i end up winning the second place!! I only have less than a year riding experience and one day of training on a flat track.

It was the most exciting adrenaline pumping thing i ever did in my life!!!

And i’ll do it again next year for sure!

I already start organising to do some practice with the dirt track racing association & even maybe to buy a special motorbike that has been modified for flat track racing.
A place or a road you really love to enjoy Motorcycles.

I ride a lot for commuting around London and i try to enjoy riding in the city as much as i can but i loved so much when i rode in Passo della Futa in Italy when i when i was invited to the international press release to test ride the new Ducati scrambler cafe racer.

It was a road full of bends and lots of green everywhere!




You travel a lot, due to your profession, what is the country that surprised you the most?


It was the most fascinating and different place i ever been. I felt like i was in a different planet.

I end up working and living there for 2 years.

It is definitely a place that will carry on with me for the rest of my life.

I would love to ride one day from Tokyo all the way up to Fuji mountain!







How do you combine your profession with your passion for Motorcycles?

The best part is that because of my profession and my passion i get invited to different kinds of events that give me a chance to race or ride new motorcycles and i love it!

I can’t wait to see what life will bring me next!

Also i’ve been asked to do lots of shoots lately with my motorcycle which I enjoy the most!




What are the other great passions in your life?

I am artist as well beside modeling.

I had my first exhibithion at the Old Truman brewery New Artist Fair.It was amazing to see everyone’s reaction while  they were looking at my artwork.

I like to use mixed media on canvas such as plaster,liquid resin,vintage books,dry flowers,dead bugs,oil & acrylic painting.

I can say that my artwork is like a surreal pastel dream that transfers you into a different world.




Do you have  any “Moto dream”?
I would love to have my own flat track or enduro track outside of my house where i could invite friends and have fun!

A little escape from reality!

Something similar to what Valentino Rossi has outside of his house. And definitely have a garage right next to it with few bikes,so depending of my mood I could choose which one i wanna ride!


A Motorcycle is…

…something that when you ride it,you understand it,you get hooked for the rest of your life!

It is an addiction that makes you wanna ride more & more all the time!




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