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Girls On Motorcycles – Catherine David – Moto Story –

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Credit_Charles Mercier
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Catherine David

– The Interview –



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Credit Lemire Auto Media

Ph Lemire Auto Media – @cathda



Catherine, what is your first memory related to motorcycles?


I was about 10 or 12 years old. All five children always fought to be the one to sit behind our father on his motorcycle on nice summer days when we went at my grandmother’s house.

One day, my sister, Marie-Hélène, who is two years younger than me, won the highly coveted place. The rest of the family was following them by car. During the ride, we saw my sister rocking slightly from left to right behind my father. My mother immediately knew that she had fallen asleep! My mother got very worried and was honking to get my father’s attention, but without any luck. I don’t remember seeing that motorcycle after this incident.

I don’t know why, but it is the clearest souvenir I have of that motorcycle.


Family Credit Max Vannienschoot

Family – Ph Max Vannienschoot – @cathda



Who has transmitted this passion to you? How was your love for two wheels born?


My father drove a motorcycle for pleasure, because his real passion was to sail.

At a very young age, I remember I knew that I would ride a motorcycle one day. But it is really when I got backseat behind my boyfriend at the time, a real motorcycle lover, that I got the bug.



Credit Ashley Kaliszuk - Womenofmoto_4643

Ph Ashley Kaliszuk – @cathda


Your first ride experience: feelings, sensations.


My first ride as a rider was truly exhilarating.

It was a mix of excitement, fear and great pride. I will always remember the feeling of the wind on my body and face.

I was not going faster than 90km/h, and I thought I was going to fly away from my handles! Hahaha!


Credit Allison Cordner_01

Ph Allison Cordner – @cathda


What do you ride?


A 2007 Sportster Nightster.







What do you feel while you ride?


I find motorcycling to be very meditative.

My mind just clears itself; thoughts come and go, and at the same time, I am completely focused on my driving. I am the kind of girl who always has 1,000 projects in my head at the same time. I do not give rest to my mind, often.

It’s for me, a way to relax and reconnect with myself. Every ride, I take time to assess my five senses. What do I smell? How is the light? How does my body feel? What are the sounds that I am able to hear beyond the engine’s sound? Can I taste the saline air or the resin coming from this coniferous forest?

I started to do that after I had an inspiring conversation with a blind person who rides backseat of her boyfriend, and since then, it has become a ritual.


Credit_Charles Mercier

Ph Charles Mercier – @cathda


What is the best experience you have done on a motorcycle so far?


Oh that’s a hard question! Each experience, and each trip are unique, but I would say the last trip I did on my own, in the  U.S. Pacific Northwest.

I went to cover the Dream Roll (, a motorcycle event, for women only, at the Adams mountain in Washington, and also spend some time at Portland, in Oregon.

It was an incredible journey.  Everything was light and easy. Is it because the breathtaking scenery goes from the ocean to lush forests, is it the people’s warm welcome, the winding roads, the encounters… I don’t know, but something magical definitely happened there. I wish everybody could experience such a journey, and visit both States.







What about your local moto community?


We can be proud of the Quebec motorcycle community!

You know; we can only ride a motorcycle during eight months per annum because of the winter period. Despite that, we have a very vibrant and diversified motorcycle community. There are more and more young people and women who ride.

In Montreal, we gather twice a month to exchange with each other, to discuss on motorcycling or plan the next trips, etc. Some evenings at #TheMotoSocial we are 150 motorcycles! Also, there are lots of great activities happening during the season from the East coast to the West coast of the province.

You have to come and see for yourself! I am very proud of my community.


The MotoSocial MONTREAL Ph ViktorRadics – @cathda


A moto trip: alone, with others, or both?


Both. I  like riding with friends and escape within the city, at night, riding during a weekend or go camping.

I like to ride solo for big discovery trips like this summer when I went to Oregon.



BabesRideOut-EastCoast_Credit-Josee Lecompte

Babes Ride Out – EastCoast Ph Josee Lecompte – @cathda


With others? Best moto companion or crew.


I prefer riding with 2 to 4 companions.




“TV Show” – @cathda


“Oneland”; please explain the project.


Oneland, is a webzine, event organisations, a community and soon a t.v. show.

It is a way to gather people together, develop relationships and create links between the players in the Quebec motorcycle scene and the different generations.

This project emerged from the true love for the motorcycle scene; it celebrates the free spirits and the nomadic culture, two elements closely related to the motorcycle culture and its lifestyle.





What will be your next adventure?


Next year, I am planning a great trip!

I will cover the event called Les Petrolettes ( in Berlin for the Revolution Motorcylce Magazine. I am going with a friend. We plan on leaving from the northern of France, go through Holland and Belgium to get there.

Afterwards, we would like to go to Poland to see my friend’s grandmother. It will be the first time I ride on the old continent. I am really excited by this project! It will be unforgettable.

Some people, such as Christophe at Legend Motors ( in Lille located in northern France, who offered to lodge us, and support us in any way during our trip.

The motorcycle community, wherever they are around the world, support each other a lot. I just love this mutual help!




Winter Sasquatch 2017 – @cathda



Catherine, what is a MOTORCYCLE for you?


This will sound very cliché, but a motorcycle means freedom for me, and an image of a strong woman, even rebellious at some point, but overall, it’s a way to satisfy my curiosity and craving for new adventures.

My motorcycle is part of my family, sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it, but my devotion outweights the negative aspects.

A motorcycle, that’s life!


Credit Allison Cordner 02

Ph Allison Cordner – @cathda




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