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Anya & Ashmore – Babes Ride Out- The Interview

posted by Nicoletta Rolla May 16, 2016 0 comments
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Taryn Kent ph for Cleobella

Another great satisfaction, another great honor. Here is my double interview with Anya and Ashmore, Babes Ride Out founders, two special women that I  really admire.

Good times, good friends, two wheels this is Anya and Ashmore mantra and this is what we love!

Enjoy the interview!

Name: Ashmore Ellis

Name: Anya Violet

Temecula, CA

Location:  Long Beach

Job: Chief of Copy at Stance Socks / Owner of Velvet Social / Co-Founder Babes Ride Out

Job: Co-Founder at Babes Ride Out, President at ATWYLD , Design Director at RVCA

XL1200S with some mods !

Motorcycle:  1977 Yamaha DT 400, 2013 Triumph Bonneville T100, 1991 Harley Sportser

Website/ Instagram:@babesrideout

Website/ Instagram: @anyavioletuniverse@babesrideout –


Kendal Riley ph


Anya and Ashmore



Taryn Kent ph for Cleobella


What’s your first memory connected to motorcycles?

Ashmore: My parents got me an electric 3 wheeler when I was in diapers. My brother and I made a mini flat track in our garage and raced each other. I loved the smell of the battery burning up.

Anya: Learning to ride my 1979 Honda Z50R at 7 years old.


What about your first ride?

Ashmore: I bought a bike and immediately signed up for the safety class. Although, I couldn’t wait to try it so my first ride on street was a total nightmare. I was learning in my neighborhood at the time in Encinitas and kept staling out, falling over. The bike seemed so heavy (75’ 350 Yamaha) which makes me laugh now. Within a few hours I realized I was a total idiot and was about to get myself killed so I parked it until I took my class. That class taught me so much about the bike and my capabilities. Owning a bike is serious, there is so much you have to be aware of. I read articles about riding and safety all the time. Ask anyone who rides with me, I am a total safety nerd and use hand signs etc. I love that you can talk to anyone with these universal signals. There is nothing wrong with life in the slow lane.

Anya: First ride on the street was on my 1976 Yamaha XS 360 just ripping around the streets of Long Beach getting use to being on the road. I started in dirt so it was a bit different.


What’s your relation with motorcycles today, in everyday life?

Ashmore: I’ve met my best friends and my husband Mike through motorcycles. Mike is the GM at Biltwell Inc so I get to be around them daily in some form. Those guys live by “Ride Motorcycles Have Fun” code so they are constantly planning great rides / campouts and I get to tag along on those sometimes and I swear, they are the most beautifully planned rides I’ve ever been on. Ice cream stops and BBQ are always on the agenda. I will say, riding with my girls is a little different cause we take our time and literally marvel at everything. One of my most favorite rides was when Corinne and I were going to meet up with the Biltwell guys in Yellowstone. We had gotten in to Jackson Hole WY from riding all day through some of the most beautiful routes and stayed at the Cowboy Inn that night (they have bunk beds!) and the next day only had 180 miles left to meet up with everyone else. We literally stopped at every waterfall, geyser, mountain, lake, animal sighting, and had a blast through Yellowstone! We didn’t get to their camp until dusk and we were greeted with a “what the hell took so long” and all I could say was “nature”.

Anya: Riding motorcycles is really important to me. I appreciate the alone time in my helmet and I also enjoy meeting up with friends for road trips and day trips. My mind gets very clear when Im on my bike. I am a really busy person so I crave those quiet moments when I can just be with my moto. As I have gotten older I have enjoyed spending more time working on my technical skill as a motorcyclist which has been a really fun thing to focus on. All in all I love the moto community as a whole and am thankful to be a part of it.


Kendal Riley Ph


How long you know each other?

Ashmore: I met Anya in 2005 or 2006? I am so bad at dates but it doesn’t matter, feels likes we have been sisters all our lives.

Anya: I think since 2005 or 2006.


A quality and a fault of …you!

Ashmore:  my fault is I tend to lean on the side of “no” on things. I need to talk things through to see their value and understand the why of it all before I say “let’s do it! Sometimes my emails come off as a little too direct but that is just the “work” side of me, no fluff, just the logistics.  I could go on all day about my faults actually! My qualities, I’d like to think I am a great friend to those close to me and a good wife to Mike.

Anya: A fault of mine is that I expect a lot from people. In fact, I probably expect too much from people hahaha. I am also really impatient. I expect everyone to be good and happy and helpful and positive and give it 100% their best all the time and I am disappointed in people sometimes. I am working on understanding that everyone operates differently and that is a good thing. I also operate at hyper speed a lot of the time and I need to learn how to slow down sometimes. Learning….


Kendal Riley ph


The first time you spoke about “Babes Ride Out”…

Ashmore: It wasn’t even a thought in our mind until we saw how wonderful it was to set the stage to bring women together after Borrego. We both made so many friends that weekend and we were all so different. Even if some people didn’t care for others, it didn’t matter; everyone leaves the “tudes” at the door and respects each other. That is very rare these days.

Anya: we just wanted to go camping and meet other women who ride. It has become what it is because of all the amazing women that have come to our campouts and their love for riding.



What does it mean “Babes Ride Out” for you?

Ashmore: on a personal level, it’s about riding motorcycles and that connection to others you ride with. It’s about respecting motorcycles as well as yourself.

Anya: Good times, Good friends, two-wheeled adventure!


CBBabesRO-042 (800x533)

Taryn Kent ph for Cleobella


An unforgettable memory connected to “BRO”…

Ashmore: The excitement is purely electric at each of Babes Ride Out’s events. I love seeing friends old and new reconnecting, hugging, and riding together. It’s the coolest feeling to see so much happiness in one place. We are so thankful the all the ladies come in with such a positive attitude! That energy gives us the boost we need to keep these events going. I can honestly say Anya and I both work every single day to make Babes Ride Out an even better experience than last.

Anya: Seeing my mom ride up with her riding group at our Babes Ride Out 3.


Kendal Riley ph


Be a biker woman today…

Ashmore: We ride motos and have fun; we don’t associated gender to this. It would be like saying “woman car driver”….sounds lame right? To associated gender to anything these days sounds so 1950’s…let’s let that die out.

Side note: Yes, our events are ladies only, but that is to create a safe riding environment that is not intimidating with 0 distractions. Our events help women meet others to ride with, and encourages them to attend more events in the future.

Anya: hmmm… I have never really thought of myself as a biker woman. I pretty much just refer to myself as a motorcyclist which includes men and women. We are all in it for the same reasons.


What about the next edition of Babes Ride Out?

Ashmore: The future is wide open! We are producing 5 events this year and both work full time so we are currently working at max capacity but can’t help to take it to the next level. We do have some plans in 2017 but can’t exactly speak of them yet, all we can say is that it involves riding motorcycles!

Anya: The way I feel about it is that B.R.O. is an entity all on its own and Ashmore and I are just here to help it along and help it on a good path that encourages more women to get involved in the moto culture and make some new friends to share adventure with.

CBBabesRO-045 (800x533)

Taryn Kent ph for Cleobella


A message for all the ladies bikers …

Ashmore: This year we have some things in the works for safety and learning. We want ladies to be genuinely excited about riding long term so we are catering to new rider’s needs with a few different learning elements. With so many new riders on the road, we want everyone protecting themselves which will help protect others.

Anya: Be safe, have fun, enjoy the ride.


CBBabesRO-044 (800x533)

Taryn Kent ph for Cleobella


Ashmore: a portal to another dimension of good times!

Anya: a damn good time!

CBBabesRO-038 (800x533)

Taryn Kent ph for Cleobella


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