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Name: Stephane Goin

Location: Lille (France)

Job: Key account manager / Publishing

Website: http://stephanegoin.com

Ig: stephane_goin





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Un post condiviso da Stéphane Goin (@stephane_goin) in data:


In your photographs is clear the almost total absence of humans and the suspension of time, the silence that filters from the image, why the choice of this kind of atmosphere?

Yes, this a matter of fact..And this due to one main reason : not (out)date my images. 

Doing so, nobody knows if the picture is a vintage original or if it has been shot the week before! Thus, it’s sometimes easy to give a date to a picture, sometimes not.






What were your first artistic influences and what are the artists you admire today?


Movies played of course a huge role and deeply influenced my work, with, for instance, Wim Wenders’ films “Paris Texas” and “Don’t Come Knocking”.







What is your first memory connected to Photography?

When i was a kid my dad offred  me his own camera. I was 6 years old!

At school, I had a kind of challenge which subject was, if my memory is right,  “how can young people see the country around them? “. 

By this time, i lived in Provence (South of France), I’ve been awarded the second prize which was a beautiful analog image of the countryside at sunset.


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Un post condiviso da Stéphane Goin (@stephane_goin) in data:



When did you first know that you wanted to be a photographer?


I was sexteen or seventeen and I spent all my vacation with a Polaroid camera (unfortunately i’ve lost all this production) and I’ve shot cars also during car meetings at this time!

Later, I’ve studied advertising and images were  part of my life! I’ve dalso iscovered all the most incredible photographers in the museums all around the world as I was travelling a lot then, and slowly the idea to produce on my own way some photographies grew up, firstly just for me and my friends and with the growth of internet for my dear followers.






How has your style changed over time and how you define it today?


My style has slowly changed. Nevertheless, I’ve keep one main guideline : I love vintage cars! I personally drive a 1964′  Volvo and listen jazz Lps.

This sixties period od time is for me the best one!




Camera- Equipment, details.


Actually i shoot with an Instax 210 and my main camera is a Fuji X-Pro 1.

Sometimes for fun, I shoot the same picture in three different ways : Instax, digital and film (My best roll is portra 400).



What are the locations you love and what mainly inspires your Art?


North America is obviously for me the best location. Gradually, my project took shape under the working title “Mad(e) in USA”.

It matured over several years as the people and smiling faces I encountered allowed me to put my finger on the charm of this continent, to grab the reasons for its legendary attraction.

From the Lorraine Motel in Memphis to the hot rod races on the Great Salt Lake, Utah, I developed a fascination with these wild open spaces, this intensity and these distances… There are, without doubt, a few cultural differences, but for a European, brought up to the sound of rock ‘n roll and fed on sitcoms such as “Happy Days”, touching down on American soil is far from being a cultural shock.

For me, it was more of a revelation.



What are you working on? What are your current projects?


I’m currently working on a project of finishin my North American roadtrip.

I have two US-States to visit again : North Dakota and Hawaï. Afterwards, i ‘ll be back to my favorite places : Butte/Montana, Fremont St/ Las Vegas, NV and the best one if you like Country Music : Nashville and the Deep South.



Any future plans or artistic dreams you can share with us?


I’m preparing an exhibition in Belgium for the next year…Stay tuned! I think, it will be cool. And besides, I still drive my 1964′ Volvo car on several roads in Europe!

Maybe, we will meet each other in a gas station along the road!




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