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Renaud Marion






NICOLAS JAMBON BRUGUIER – CLASSIC SPORT LEICHT, Octobre 2015. #classicsportleicht#smokeyjoeapparel#tetesdansleguidon#marielecoq

Un post condiviso da Renaud_Marion (@renaud_marion) in data:

Name: Renaud Marion

Location: Paris, France

Job: Photographe



Renaud Marion




Renaud, tell us a bit about you.
I am from the Alps. I live in Paris. I am 42 years old, I am photographer in the middle of the pub mainly.


What are your very first memories connected with Photography?
When I was 10-12 years old I took a camera to my parents to photograph my school trip. I opened the compartment where the film was. So I had 5 images exposed.






What’s your artistic background and when did you start the profession of Photographer?
I was graffiti artist and I started photography by photographing my paintings on the walls in the 90 I liked and I formed.

After studying in a photo school, I was a photo assistant, and then photographer.


Can you remember some of your earliest influences? And today, which photographers or artists do you admire the most?

My first influences were David Lachapelle, Peter Lindbergh, Thierry Legouès … Not bad of fashion photographer finally.

Today I like Nadav kanders, Alec Soth, Stefan Ruiz but also Wes Anderson, Terrence Malik …




Camera and Equipment, details.
The day a brand gives me a camera I will tell you his name! I use a digital medium format.



Can we say that the use of light is the strongest skill in your photography?
Light is photography so I use it as all photographers. But I also like precise framing or everything is in its place.




The “Air Drive” project it’s amazing! Please explain when and how  this idea was born.
It was born after the exhibition of Moebuis Jean Giraud at the Cartier Foundation in Paris. There was a drawing of a flying car and I thought I had to try this picture.

Then it’s also my taste for science fiction and I wanted to go towards this sense in my images.

I started Air drive by photographing cars in the street, doing mounts, and I realized that it worked better with vintage cars.

Then I contacted collectors and brought the cars to places I had chosen.




What are your main sources of inspiration in everyday life?
Movie, book mainly but then my daily can become a source of inspiration.





You certainly travel a lot. What is an unforgettable experience you’ve done ad why?


The unforgettable experiences are very simple, I like to find myself isolated somewhere on the other side of the world one day before returning and when I come home tell me that two days ago I was in an incredible place the other Side of the planet and now I am in Paris. I like this feeling.







You love classic, vintage cars but, what’s your relation with Two Wheels? Any connection with it or photographic project dedicated to motorcycles?


I have a scooter and a bike to move to Paris, this is the only relationship I have with motorcycles.

I had a test with an old scooter to make it fly in picture of course but I was not satisfied with the result.


Current projects and collabs and future plans.

I work on a series with visitors from another world, science fiction!

And I’m developing idea for a series access on the bizarre …





Photography is…
…is often the reflection of the unconscious.



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