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If books are like food for the mind, be careful to what you put in your head!




Platò is…
Platò is a space for projects and independent ideas.
Where are you based and who is behind the idea of Platò?
We live near Sarzana, a little town in Northern Italy. Behind Platò there are Diego Garbini and Michela Brondi.

Let’s start talking about your latest project “A Book about hands”, a beautiful book that celebrate hands through  the art of fifty artists from thirteen different countries,  hands as a link between different artistic cultures.
It’s amazing how many different interpretations of this body part you collected. How was born the idea of this book and what about this obsession?
The idea was born from Michela’s Pinterest. She has thousands of images that she collected in these years. Michela is a feticist of the image and especially of hands.




On April 1st you launched the Kickstarter campaign, how is it going?
It is going  very well for all the attention and love that we are receiving. After one year of hard work it’s the sweetest thing. After  only 6 days we raised about 1.260 euros, but it’s a long way to the top…..


What’s the aim of this project?
The only aim of this Kickstarter campaign is to raise enough money to print an high quality limited edition collection and send the books to  the supporters, to  the artists who partecipated in the project and to museums and galleries that keep  the public images presented in the book. At that point, the book will have a real chance of being valued in the world and we will achieve our goal.



Michael Waraksa

” A Book about Hands” Michael Waraksa – @infoplatoplato

You have also realized a children’s book, “Gli erbetti di Iole”,  an adorable book  which describes, through the granny-niece relationship, the traditions of your land;  so what are the sources of inspiration for your art?
From the local culture to an international  art collection, what is the common element in your artistic process?
Iole is Diego’s daughter and her passion for wild herbs had struck us from the first moment. When we read the story she had written and when we saw the drawings she made, we immediately thought of a publication. It was the pefect time, a perfect combination, amazing!
“Gli erbetti di Iole” is a book that teaches you how  to find value in simple things that spontaneously grow in nature. We can surely say that nature is our main inspiration. The “Book about hands” came after two very intense years in which we fully entered into the italian editorial system  partecipating in independent festivals, international fairs, chic events, underground debates… trying to find a reason to exist as independent publishers.
The common element between the two books and the chief characteristic of iour work in general is the Beauty.


Michael Waraksa 2

“A Book about hands” Michael Waraksa @infoplatotplato


What about your local artistic scene, is it exciting? What about the events you organized?
Well it is surely exciting for those who, day after day, try to create and develop the artistic scene. It is a everyday struggle. So, yes. It is quite exciting! In 2013 we made a show  called “Freaks” which involved more than 50 local artists of different arts: music, theatre, cinema, dance, stand up comedy, lyric and more.  In ” A Book about hands” there is a variety of genres and styles too.






Future plans – artistic dreams.
When the Kickstarter campaign will be over, we want to have a break at Capraia Isle, to have relax and  taking inspiration for the two new books we are thinking about. The themes? Surprise!
Stay Tuned!





Where can we Follow Platò and support your campaign?
Kickstarter where you can order the book or contribute to the campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/abookabouthands/a-book-about-hands?ref=nav_search

[email protected]

Jason Travis - Goodworth & Co

” A Book about hands” Jason Travis Goodworth & Co @inofplatoplato








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