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Tiny Loud – Designs and ceramics by Megan Burke

The Interview






Megan where are you based and what about your artistic background?

I am based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which is a great city for art and design. I grew up always making art, and got my BFA in printmaking from Kansas State University. From there, my career moved more into digital arts (my day job is as a UX Designer) and my passion for fine art evolved from 2d to 3d.




From visual design to ceramics, you love to express your creativity in very different areas, is it a way to experiment?

Absolutely. I’ve always loved drawing and illustrating, but something about the final pieces never quite satisfied me. These days I primarily sketch out ideas to translate into ceramic work, because the finished product is so much more gratifying to me. Watching people hold and use my work is much more inspiring than seeing it framed on the wall.





So when and why you started with ceramics? 

I started making ceramics about two years ago, after I took a ceramic class on a whim. I was in a creative rut at the time, almost to the point where I was considering just quitting making work and find a new hobby (as if you can just choose to do that). After taking the class, the woman who taught it (a crazy talented artist also working in Minneapolis) suggested I keep going. From that point on I’ve been hooked. I use most of my free time dreaming up work, trying out new things, and just playing with clay. I got a second creative wind with ceramics and am excited to see where it takes me.





What are the main sources of inspiration for your artworks?

I am constantly inspired by other artists and designers, new and old. Whether it’s taking a trip to the museum or scrolling through blogs online, seeing what other people are making gets me excited to get into the studio. I’m also always hunting for patterns in clothes, architecture, or nature whenever I need a jumpstart on sketching.





More about the artistic process.

I have a small studio in my home where I hand build all of my work, some of which I eventually make plaster molds of in order to keep up with production. Often I start with a sketch and work from that to create a prototype, and then iterate until I have a product I’m happy with. Clay is so cheap and easy to manipulate, I never have to worry about ruining a piece or wasting materials. I experiment often, but when I’m in production mode I usually just listen to podcasts and glaze the day away.




What are you working on? What are your current artistic projects?

I just finished making work for a big show I had a few weeks ago, so I am in full experimentation mode, coming up with some new ideas. I’m really excited about some of the ceramic jewelry I am working on, along with a few other home items like incense burners, wall hangings, and coasters.



About the future, what are you plans and artistic dreams?

Right now, I’m just having fun with the work I’m making and not putting too much pressure on myself. In the next few years I would love to get a bigger studio and a kiln, and continue to create work people love. I stock a few shops which is great, so I could see myself expanding into more wholesale opportunities. I also love to work with other creatives, so taking on more collaborative projects would be really exciting.



Where can we follow you?

I am mainly active on Instagram @tinyloudco. I also have an Etsy shop at www.tinyloud.co.

Lastly, sometimes I post cool projects to my design site, which is at www.meganeburke.com




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