Madama Dea – for ladies, gentlemen but above all LOVERS –

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Madama Dea

Art Director of c.a.p7424 Erotic Art Illustrator at @gqitalia Textile Designer- Rockabilly Jive Dancer




www.madamadea.com, @madamadea



You are a complete artist, you express your creativity through various art forms but your very first approach to art has been with fashion, writing or drawing ?

Writing and drawing were passions that I had since I was a little girl.

I was lucky in high school because on weekends I worked in the atelier of an amazing Croatian artist, Eugen Varzic.

Then at the University I fell in love with publishing design, and afterwards while working I ended in the fashion world. And who knows what else I’m going to learn or do. Life is beautiful.




You love fashion but you don’t follow “the rules” of fashion, please explain.

I love going backwards in the past. That’s why I get inspired mostly by the after Second World War era, when the rules of the ‘consuming’ system were born.

There is something special in that idea of fashion which I feel more comfortable with.

I don’t care about what’s in now, and I don’t follow the fashion seasons in my collections.




So what is your idea of Style?

Whatever makes you feel good.

For me is color, and childish materials like tulle or sparkling fabrics.





What are  the sources of  inspiration for your Art, in Life?

Flea markets. Love them.

You can always find there some piece of furniture, a book, a painting, a photo, a letter, an accessorise… all things with its story, waiting for us to reinvent them and write new stories about.



Any artistic Icons?

Elio Fiorucci.

He did amazing stuff in fashion and graphic design in the 70’s and 80’s. And I was lucky enough to meet him and work with him. He just left something special that keeps giving me strength even if he is not anymore here.




“The Pharmacy of Love” is the common theme of all your artistic creations, please explain this concept.

Long long story. I’m working on a book that can explain it better.

Trying to put it clear shortly – I believe that the art (books, comics, drawings, paintings, music) can be a real cure for broken hearts.




You are a true Romantic, is it a nostalgic attitude,something “vintage”, something connected to the Past or is Romanticism still alive?

Because I’m a true Romantic, I want to believe that Romanticism is still alive.





In your Art, seduction and eros are represented  in an original, ironic, uncommon way. What is the concept behind these themes?

Life is a game. I just want to express my thoughts in a ironic way, so all of us can have a big laugh, and take life less seriously.




What is Madama Dea’s theraphy for broken hearts?

Madama Dea products! :)  And dance.





“c.a.p. 74024”, tell me more about the Erotic Mag project.

It was a dream project of Antonio Moscogiuri, my editor and myself.

We just published the issue number 4 and the project is getting better and better.

It’s a magazine that talks about voyeurism. We are all voyeurs.

So be curious enough and go to buy the new issue!




A thing about  Dea I absolutely have to know.

I’m addicted to Rockabilly Jive, a 50s dance. It saved my life and still is the thing that I feel more happy when doing it.




Madama Dea for GQ Italia www.madamadea.com





Current projects/collabs and future plans.

Now I’m working on the Super Madama comic cartoon series that are published at GQ.it website.

I’m working also on shoes for dancers project, on a burlesque foulard, on a super nice secret project.. there is a lot coming up so just stay tuned!






In the end what is the aim of Dea Art?

Distract you from your serious lives.





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