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Jessica by Ph Hye-Ryoung Min

Jessica Brilli



Brilli’s paintings reveal the beauty in everyday scenes and objects.



High Low – www.jbrilli.com



Jessica, please introduce you to the readers. Where are you based and what about your artistic background?


My name is Jessica Brilli, and I grew up in NY on Long Island. I studied painting at the University of Rhode Island, and graphic design at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Currently I live in Quincy, MA, which is near Boston.




Do you remember your very first approach to Painting? What were the emotions of those moments?


I believe my first oil painting was of an apple and a pear when I was 12. That’s the first one I remember being proud of. I gave it to my grandmother, and it was displayed in her house until she died at 98 two years ago. My parents are the keepers of it now.



Highlands – www.jbrilli.com



What are the artists you admire?


So many! Jordan Buschur, Jeff Fischera, Fairfield Porter, Stephanie K. Clark, Danielle Krysa, Hollie Chastain, Holly Farrell, Jenny Brown, Scott Listfield, Seona Hong, Chambers Austelle, Ekaterina Popova, Edward Hopper, Richard Diebenkorn, Sean Flood–I could go on and on and on, so many great artists out there.




Your Painting brings the observer in the past, landscapes of an Era that, since I’m Italian, I compare to our Dolce Vita, right?

Yes, that’s accurate to some degree—I love the aesthetics of that time, and the colors on photographs as they age. I would say that the scenes in my paintings are taken from the lives of middle class Americans—not really the rich and famous. I suppose that’s the main difference.




Vintage cars are essential subjects of your paintings. How this passion was born and why they fascinate you so much?


When I was a kid my father sold cars, so he was always bringing home a different car, and I think that sparked my interest. I would also say that there’s a very strong car culture on Long Island.



Boy with Binoculars – www.jbrilli.com


She sees her paintings as a way of giving renewed life to images that haven’t been seen in decades


Please tell me about your technique and artistic process.


I look through thousands of photographs and slides, until one moves me emotionally. I’m usually drawn in by striking or unusual scenes and beautiful colors. After I choose a photo I like to eliminate unnecessary components to simplify and bring the important elements to the forefront.




In the “Static Series” you represent vintage radios, clocks, tv. What’s the charm of objects of the Past?


I enjoy the simplicity, and the industrial design from that period. I have a collection of old radios that I love to look at. Beautiful colors and sharp designs.



Get the Hell Out and Don’t Come Back – www.jbrilli.com




Are you nostalgic or  do you enjoy the Present?


I enjoy a bit of both – I’m selectively nostalgic.



What are your current projects and Exhibits?


Currently I’m working on paintings for a solo show titled Holiday–it opens at Kobalt Gallery in Provincetown MA, USA on July 7.





Boy with Gun – www.jbrilli.com


Where can we Follow your amazing Art?

You can follow my work on Instagram, at Jessica_Brilli_Artist, and on Facebook at Jessica Brilli Paintings.

I post all finished paintings on



Precipice – www.jbrilli.com

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