The Art of Jason Kowalski

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Definition of Art


To me art is an intentional thought with paint.

I create art with a great deal of consideration and inspiration.








Jason, what is your very first memory related to art?
I won the second grade art contest. I drew a butterfly and I’m pretty sure my mom still has it in a frame on the wall.





What artistic studies did you do? What were the key stages in your artistic growth?
I grew as an artist at Laguna College of Art and Design. My instructors taught painting techniques and compositions, placing emphases on developing a solid understanding of foundational skills.  LCAD gave me the opportunity to build longstanding relationships with fellow artists and mentors. It’s wonderful to have an established network of support in the creative profession.





How did your style evolve? Has it changed over time?
When I was in college I created figural work for my studies. As a career artist, I have chosen to paint the landscape.



Please briefly describe your artistic process and the techniques and mediums you use.
My work is oil on wood panel. Hidden in my paintings are mixed media clippings.  Some of clippings include, heirloom postcards, handwritten notes from the past, vintage photographs, graphic stamps and script from advertising catalogs.  This ephemera concealed in my work is not solely to provide a narrative link to the past; the mixed media scraps act as a partner to my brush stroke.  They are placed as design elements and are crafted with considerable importance into the composition.




The objects of the past often abandoned are inspiring for you art, are you nostalgic? What is fascinating for you in the past?
Yes, I’m very nostalgic. The past has richness. It’s like the feeling of sipping a morning coffee in your grandpa’s worn leather chair.





You let the objects talk with their stories, are they more interesting than men today?
Humanity is very interesting. Our interaction with things and places is the history I find appealing. I enjoy talking with the older generation as much as I enjoy composing a nostalgic narrative in a painting.



Your art is “americana”! What are the aspects of your country that you love most and what you really  don’t love?

I love America because you can hop in your truck and drive through long stretches of open spaces that are dotted with small towns started by dreamers. In their hopes I see so much of myself. Living in the “here and now” I am an artist, a creator building a career as a dreamer.

I suppose I what I dislike about America is that development today has built over the landscape that I treasure, rather than building around it.





What are your current projects and what about the next ones?
I just wrapped up a show entitled “Vintage” at Sue Greenwood Fine Art in Laguna Beach, California. The show runs until Oct. 30th.

Currently in the studio, I am working on several paintings for my next show out in Palm Desert, California at J. Willott Gallery.


The Palms Motor Hotel



Where can we Follow Jason Kowalski art?
Willott Gallery, Palm Desert, CA
Sue Greenwood Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA
McLarry Modern, Santa Fe, NM




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