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“Equilibrium” @philspinelli

Name: Filippo

Location: Palermo (Sicilia – Italia)

Job: Illustratore

Ig: https://www.instagram.com/philspinelli/

I spy your gaze

“I spy your gaze” @philspinelli

Filippo, how did you get into illustration?


Design is an innate passion and I have always been fascinated by the world of illustration. However, I have become a leader in the world of illustration thanks to the specialist I chose to undertake.



“Empty” @philspinelli

How your style has changed over time and how you define it today?


It has changed with me and through me. Style is something personal within which an artist is seen and communicated to the world.

My style is both simple and straightforward. It is essential in its most expressive and conceptual form. It always refers to a clear concept from the beginning, but through the use of conceptual elements capable of referring to a wider vision.

I love black and white and precise shapes.



“Legame” @philspinelli


What’s your creative process? What  techniques  and mediums do you use?


I never really thought about my creative process or rather, I always thought that a creative process is the set of stages. A mixture of thought, concept and realization. It can take shape from an idea, from something I’ve seen or said to me.

During my artistic process, watching a movie or listening to music can help me.

I have been, since childhood, a sufferer of pencil and paper sheet. I think that they are two basic objects for a person who designs, because they can capture the true essence of those who use them. Above all, the smell that a pencil’s graphite releases and dirt that a simple white sheet when it is used can shed on one hand, making these two objects very fascinating and meaningful. However, I do not dislike modern graphic design tools, but I’m still tied to what I have always used since childhood.

Creativity has the lines of a woman

“Creativity has the lines of a woman” @philspinelli

What artists of the past have influenced your artistic vision?


There have been several artists, past and present, who have somehow influenced me or rather caught my attention. Citing or listing them is not as important as the charm, strength, and capacity that their works have inspired in me.


One line

“One Line” @philspinelli


Irony, sarcasm, they are the distinguishing features of your art,isn’t it?


It is not a constant truth, but I find that there are two elements that are very present in my work. The illustration gives you freedom and above all it possesses the ability (as opposed to a simple drawing) to be able to use and mix within it elements capable of postponing to something secondary making it primal.


Love is like fishing

“Love is like fishing” @philspinelli


Few lines, an essential  black and white to describe everything, even love, even sex, is semplicity winning?


It’s a style or rather a way of seeing things I’ve always had. It is a personal vision, where simplicity and essence are the key to reading.

We are too complicated and pencil and paper can make me simple by expressing myself.



“Loneliness” @philspinelli


Do you have an “artistic obsession”?


I would not speak much of an artistic obsession, rather of a multi-faceted reinterpretation of one or more elements. For example, “Love, Sex, Dream, and Reading” are factors in which you can constantly draw and extrapolate a host of ideas and suggestions.

They belong to us so closely and so deeply that we must just let them carry them out and live them without inhibitory brakes so that they can best grasp their essence and what we can tell through them.



“Readings” @philspinelli


A place or maybe a moment of the day or a music  you consider ideal to create.


I usually create it in my room, but I can still say that I do not have a precise time of day or music that I think is ideal or fundamental to my creative process (I always try to make me influenced by more music genres). It is a passion that lives with me every day so it can take over or better can take shape at any time of the day.


The window of my thoughts

“The window of my thoughts” @philspinelli


What’s on your desk right now?


A world. My world. A lot of things.


Rubik's cube

“Rubik’s cube” @philspinelli


When you are not drawing what do you do?


I try to fill the “other time” as any other person would have, ie reading, watching movies / TV series and doing physical activity. A healthy mind needs a healthy body.

"Vertiginous heights"

“Vertiginous heights” @philspinelli

What are you your current projects?


My current projects are more complex than expected, or maybe they seem like that because when it comes to projects, everything takes on something like a giant one.

I’ve just finished my study cycle and I’m looking for my place in the world. The idea is to grow steadily with my life partner and make it more and more something personal through which I express myself. I will experience abroad. I find it very formative and above all gives you the freedom and luck to live cultures, traditions and people totally different from those you live on a daily basis, constantly putting you to the test.


The fruit of sin

“The fruit of sin” @philspinelli


Any future plans or artistic dreams you can share with us?


It’s a bit early to talk about real future plans or artistic dreams because they might change over time. I remain convinced of the idea that in good and bad I will be able to make myself known more and more within this world I am doing. I would like to show the world through my way of representing what surrounds us and that we live on a daily basis. In the present and also in the future I would like to travel to know “all the rest I know or better that I have not been presented yet” and work / collaborate with publishers, magazines etc.

It would be nice to collaborate, exchange ideas and ways to see the world and represent it with the sacred monsters of the illustration. Here, this may be within the artistic dreams.




“Shots” @philspinelli


Filippo, what is ART for you?


In my life, art is all. I live through it and with it. By art, I mean everything that represents it, whether it’s a painting, a song or an object stranger to it.

Everything is useful to stimulate the imagination of a person. Ever since I was little I have seen the world differently and art has always accompanied me in this journey.For example, an object, for me, does not carry only its original form. Rather, it encloses an infinite series of expressive forms, waiting only to be noticed and represented. This mechanism is almost strange, but it is an essential part of my person and therefore of my creativity.

Art is my medicine, my way of seeing and communicating with and through the world.

The kiss is a mute book

“The kiss is a mute book” @philspinelli


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