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Name: Evi
Location: Athens GR
Job: Graphic designer – Illustrator
Website: evigeoillustration.com
IG: @evoegg
Facebook: @evigeoillustrations
More: https://thenightloops.tumblr.com






What is your first memory related to art?

Most of my memories come from the time I’ve spent during summertime with my grandmother. She lived in a beautiful mountain village and we  painted together flowers in the courtyard of the house.

Now I realize how much the folk painters of the region, the so-called Chionades, inspired my grandmother’s style and technique and as a result myself as well.





Who or what made you become an illustrator?

I knew from an early age- more or less at  high school- what direction I wanted to follow and that is why I decided to study Graphic Design.

Illustration came a little later when I experienced the freedom of all media in free drawing, so I started taking Illustration as well as Comic courses and later Character Design. That was the point I realized the potentials I could make good use of and how to take it one step further.






How your studio looks like?

My husband is an 2d animator so we share a space at home full of screens,  wacoms,  pottery, drawing papers.

It’s a creative mess, and we are searching for a larger space to host a bigger one!




What’s on your desk right now?

An iPad and a lot of brushes.



Can t seem to make you mine #nightloops#bettypage

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Do you listen to music while you work? If so, what?

I listen to music only when I paint not when I am working on a project!

Usually the genre of music depends on the mood.



When you are not inspired, what do you do?

Since the day Iris, my daughter, was born there has not been a day that I am not feeling inspired.

That is why when Iris was only 4 months old I had decided, despite the fatigue and the long nights, to create every day one small loop animation a month.

So I started the #nightloops that you can see in my Instagram account and at thenightloops.tumblr.com you can see the completed series! I still keep making them but not in the same pace!

In terms of lack of inspiration however, even when it ‘hits’ me I just enjoy it. I believe it’s part of the process.



Leaving winter behind #nightloops

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What techniques and mediums do you use?

I was too digital and I went analog. I use a lot of ink and kuretake, Acrylic Ink, and some times gouache.



Who are the protagonists of your artworks and what stories do you tell?

Mostly women and animals- I am not exactly the storyteller type.

I visualize emotions and parts of my daily surrounding  such as landscapes, things that catches my attention etc without necessarily sharing a story.



Women are important to you. What is the aspect that fascinates you most in female figures?

I believe that the diversity of female body types is the one aspect that fascinates me the most because it gives me the opportunity to play with different shapes, textures etc.




Do you have any muses among contemporary women?

I cannot stand out someone specific. All new girls that bring something different and fresh or even something from the past is much appreciated.



The place where you live; is it inspiring for your work? What about the local artistic community?

Sometimes it is but it’s the people that makes it inspiring especially downtown. The local artistic community is growing – quite slowly- but again is the people that are part of it that makes the difference and you can learn a lot by sharing experiences.





What are you current projects? And what about the next ones?

I’m currently working on pottery and specifically on Wheel Throwing Techniques.

My next project will be focused on illustration on raw pottery and my goal is to host a small exhibition in 2018.





Evi, what is Art for you?

Pure expression.



be water #nightloops

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