Elisabeth Rose Photography – “We will not be young forever but we can achieve immortality”

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How did you get interested in photography? Do you have an educational artistic background?



My mother is an incredible photographer, a truly gifted artist. I was always so angry with her for making us take photos throughout my childhood… looking back I am so thankful she always carried a camera with her.


Can you remember your first camera?



It was 7th grade and I thought I would be super cool and bring my mom’s Pentax k1000 to a party… until I realized the next morning I hadn’t even thought to put film in the camera after taking photos all day.




What are the feelings connected with this form of art?



In this digital world of immediate gratification, stubbornly refusing to switch from analog despite never having the money to afford my film or development costs is a sacrifice that I truly believe in.

The anticipation of awaiting scans back from the lab, the mental gymnastics of doubt and fear that you’ve ruined a roll of film, lost precious memories, followed by the elation and high that washes over you when you look at photos for the first time and they are even more beautiful than you envisioned.

Film slows my mind down, allows me to shoot instinctually and without distraction, and is always worth the patience.

Film can capture emotion and light in a much more tangible way than digital, and having limited exposures per roll (and limited funds) makes me stay present in the moment and only capture what is most important.



Where do you get your creative inspiration from? Is there any other artist or photographer who inspired your art?



My friends and fellow artists are all of the inspiration I ever need.

Cate Havstad, farmer and hat maker, Leslie Crow, homesteader and leather worker, Amanda Leigh Smith, photographer and activist, Hannah Pfahl, stylist and crystal healer, Trailblazers defining what it means to be independent and bad ass, successful yet humble women in the 21st century.


Also, the photography of Magdalena Wosinka, and the cowboy paintings of Mark Maggiori.



How did you establish your photographic style?



My photos are my heart and soul. And I am a living, breathing, changing work of art, every day, as we all are on this Earth.

I can’t say I have a photographic style, because I don’t know if I can define myself, who I am, at this point in time.





What are the stories you love to tell?



I love to make women feel beautiful. Powerful.

Give them the ability to see themselves in a different light than just a reflection in the mirror gives them. Try to break down the taboo of our breasts, that feed the next generation yet still fuel old gender tropes and sexist censorship.

Free the nipple!

The portraits I take of my friends, my sisters, I cannot wait for us to look back on 30, 40, 50 years down the road and be struck in disbelief by how beautiful we all were.

We will not be young forever. But we can be captured, in a photo.

One split second, the click of a shutter, and we can achieve immortality.




What’s your favorite light?



Late summer nights. When the sun doesn’t set until past 8 pm, and the golden hour is warm and soft.





What about your current camera and equipment?



Nikon F2 with a 50mm f/1.8 lens.




What is the place the most inspiring for your art?



Oregon. My homeland.

Mountains, oceans, forests, rivers, meadows, lakes, hot springs, high deserts.

The Pacific Northwest is where inspiration will never run dry.





What interesting projects are you working on at the moment?



I currently have my photography on hold!

I moved cross country to Austin, Texas last year and am about to move onto a farm right outside the city, so I have been busy trying to figure out where me and my art fit in this part of the country.

My next project will be simply planting my first garden!




What do you love besides photography?


I love to soak in natural hot springs, stay all night burning candles and sage, drinking with friends under the stars.



Where can we follow Elisabeth Rose Photography?


@chromarose on instagram



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