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French free lance illustrator








Alice, briefly introduce you to the readers; where are you from? What do you do? 


I’m a French illustrator living in Paris.

I work during the day as an illustrator rep, in an agency where I represent 25 artists.

During the nights and week-ends, I create illustrations, ceramics, linocut prints, comics…






What were your first artistic experiences and when did you understand that art would be your profession?


My journey isn’t very linear. I started drawing and sculpting when I was very young, but I went to Paris to study political sciences (Sciences Po).

I drew comics on the side though, and started my freelance activity by taking commissions from book houses, Rock en Seine, etc.

My last internship was the very combination of my Communication master’s degree and my love for illustration ; I joined the La Suite agency as a rep. It changed the way I experienced art, and my view on contemporary illustration and its market.







Has your style changed over time? How do you define it today?


It definitely changed, and it keeps evolving.

When I was an intern in a communication agency, my artistic director kept telling me to find my style. It’s taking me years!

I started seeing illustrations everyday, every hour when I became a rep. It’s an endless source of inspiration.

I simplified my lines to get something that felt more graphic, more mature, but I also wanted my work to feel more textured and ‘authentic’, so I came back to pencils and wax pastels. Today my work is full of highly contrasted characters, frank colors, wavy hair and pencil textures.




What kind of  subjects do you represent? What are your main sources of inspiration in everyday life?


I want to tell stories, so my main subject are characters.

I’m very inspired by graphic novels ; I’m a big fan of Aude Picault, Pénélope Bagieu, Marion Montaigne, Anouk Ricard, Noëlle Stevenson, Kate Beaton, Posy Simmonds, Boulet… I also love Fred Bernard’s work, everything looks so easy and poetic.

Also a lot of contemporary artists are very inspiring to me, I really like Camille Walala’s work, Yayoi Kusama’s…





What artists of the past have influenced your artistic vision?


I always liked Niki de Saint Phalle’s work, so diverse and yet coherent. I think my female characters “look up” to hers in a way. Yves Klein is obviously to blame for my love of vivid blue. Matisse’s collages are also a very big inspiration.

And lastly Rodin for sculptures, I find him incredibly poetic in his representation of the human body, there is always the right line, to get the perfect muscle, it’s quite magical.





What techniques and media do you use?
Mostly wax pastels and/or pencils, also a good scanner !

For my tiny sculptures : ceramics and enamel.




What is the aspect of your personality that we mainly  find in your art?


Not an easy question to answer by myself ! So I asked some friends.

It seems that my style is pretty spontaneous. It’s true that I love to draw scenes that seemed to be just caught up in the moment.

I love to make things lively and fresh.

Also quite positive.



What are you working on?


I have an on-going project for a feminist festival in January, where I’ll most likely draw comics or do little GIF animations, I’m not sure yet.

Also I’m creating a personal series on a Californian theme. I can’t say a lot more for the moment but I’d love to make an exhibition.





Do you have an artistic dream? 

Being in Paris in a very tiny appartement, I dream big !

I’d love to do a huge mural artwork, or a gigantic sculpture…





Where can we Follow your art? 
You can join me on Instagram ! @alicedes_illustration



And an easy 11th. — #🍑 #dailysketch #illustration #butt #waxpencils #croquis

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