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“Dead- Fly” – @alessandroripane




Fb: Alessandro Ripane Illustrator

Ig: @alessandroripane



“Bradiponauta” – @alessandroripane


Alessandro, briefly introduce you to the readers. Where are from? What do you do?
Hi Everyone, I’m Alessandro Ripane, an italian illustrator from Genova, but recently based in Milan.
I like my work, food, talking a lot. I hate everything else, especially travelling by plane, football and !





“Genova sui muri” – @alessandroripane

When did you get interested in art, can you remember your first artistic influences?

I remember that when I was young, about 4 or 5 years old, I was in love with dinosaurs, wild animals and superheroes.
Since I’ve spent my childhood in Genova (where there’s none of this things: the wildest thing you can find there are pidgeons and maybe some junkies in the old port) I forced my parents to buy me a lot of books and comics about those things… Poor people!
Then I started to draw, and that was the beginning of the end of my (already not so sucsessfull) school career.





What artists of the past do you admire and what contemporary artists do you find interesting?

I admire a lot of artist in the past, especially the old ones, they were doing incredible masterpieces without all the modern technologies and without sharing every stupid thing on social networks, they make me feel totally spoiled by all this digital stuff of today (but at the same time I’m glad to live in 2017.
I also like contemporary and modern art as well, but for totally other reasons.




“Burn some calories with kerosene” – @alessandroripane

Please briefly explain your artistic process and the techniques and mediums you use.

There’s not so muchto say about this, is pretty mechanical: if it’s a commission for a client I first send a selection of sketches, then we work on some of them, and then we make the final version of it. If it’s something for myself (personal project) it works in the same way, but without the sketches.
Boring, isn’t it?
I usually (90% of the times) draw on paper with pen/inks, then I color and adjust the illustration digitally.
Sometimes I also draw directly on the computer, but I totally prefer to draw on paper.




What are your main sources of inspiration?

Talking about stupid things with my friends (or more in general “talking” with people), sci-fi/horror movies, music, useless YouTube videos…. Pretty much everything, also internet helps a lot, but to be honest irony and the social relationships (between real people, not online or by phone) are the most important thing for my work and also for my life!





“Icons” – @alessandroripane

What are the movies that have influenced your artistic vision?

When I was young I watched a lot of sci-fi and horror movies with my dad and a lot of cartoons with my mom, so I think that this was my biggest influence for sure.
Honestly I have an extremely long list of movies that influenced me a lot, and they’re all from different genres, just to name a (random) few: The Birds (A. Hitchcock), Blade Runner (R. Scott), Seven Samurai (A. Kurosawa)… but the list is pretty much endless!
I also like italian cinema a lot: I think that the second Fantozzi’s movie (“Il secondo tragico Fantozzi”) is one of the best  and the most “inspiring” movie I’ve ever seen.



What is your favorite superhero and why?

When I was really young I was in love with superheroes, but when I grown up I realized that the most of them are quite ugly.
I mean, a lot of them have shitty superpowers, so I think that my favorites superheroes are still Batman and Spiderman!


“Darth Vader Coffee” – @alessandroripane

You love wild animals, so which animal represents you the most?

I don’t know, it’s so easy to answer that you like to be represented by a cool/cute animal, like a tiger, a lion, a shark, a dragon, or a most popular cat (which I love, by the way…), but in the end I would really prefer to be represented by a shitty animal, for example the insect (don’t know the name, sorry) that carry his own poo, or the classic little ugly dog that all the old grannies have (the one with the 90’s hairstyle), things like that.






“Kind of Blue” – @alessandroripane

How important is irony to you?

If I should rate irony from 1 to 10 I think it I’ll give it a full 10.
I think is the most important thing just after being able to cook decent food.




What are you working on?
At the moment I’ve just moved in Milan, I’m working on several things but I don’t know if I can talk about this yet… Let me see…. Nope, is totally secret.
Sorry, but I don’t want to be called by FBI and be in jail.
(Just in these days is going to be released a record that I’ve made the cover and the merch, is from Era Serenase, a genovese band, check it out!)




What about your next projects?

In these last days a guy that works with animations, Filippo Odone, contacted me to try to animate my works. Now we’re trying to do a short animated story from one of my comics, I think you’ll see it soon, I’m really excited to see the results!





Alessandro, what is ART for you?

ART for me is being able to use Adobe Illustrator (that I normally use, but I think it’s the reason of many of my headaches) without throwing my computers from the window!



“Shrimp Train” – @alessandroripane

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