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Name: Akiko Nishiguchi

Location: Kyoto, Japan

Job: artisan

Website: http://akikoxxnishiguchi.tumblr.com

IG: @akikoxxn

Other: tumblr: https://akeriko.tumblr.com/ (I made this tumblr page with a friend)


Akiko, please brieflly introduce you to the readers; where are you based and what about your artistic background?


Hello I’m Akiko, living /working in Kyoto Japan. Recently I’m working as an artisan for a local craft company and I draw /paint just for myself.

So I didn’t expect that I’m gonna have an interview about my art work!

I’ve graduated university of art in Japan, about 5 years ago. I studied printmaking. Before I graduate university, I’ve studied in Holland for a year and after the graduation i spent one year in Poland. Due to my art studies, I wanted to know the works of the great masters in the churches and museums of these countries.



Who or what made you become an illustrator/artist?


I can say my grandpa is. My grandpa was an art teacher  in a high school in my city. I’ve never talked with him because he died when I was little baby, 6 months old or something. But I feel like I know him very well.

My grandma and mom told me a lot of stories about him. One day he received an important prize in a competition on oil painting here in Japan. My grandma keeps a piece of newspaper  in which is written about it. And she has a lot of his art works like potteries and oil paintings  in her house.

Anyway I feel like I know my grandpa because i find him in his art.

My family was happy when I decided to paint whatever it’s looks good or bad and they say “Oh yeah, indeed you’re his granddaughter!” . I was very proud about that and found myself I’ve been drawing since then.




Which artists of the past  have influenced your artistic vision?


I think, Egon Schiele. His line drawing is splendid. How he express his emotions, is very… serious!

Also Edvard Munch, Jan Toorop, Jerzy Nowosielski and many many great masters…!





Describe your creative process and the technniques and mediums you use.


Sometimes I already know things /themes I wanna draw. But sometimes I have no idea and it takes very long time to finish even one drawing.


I usually use just pencils. Additionally I use color pencil and water color or acrylics. I like to use craft paper, kinda colored paper, not just pure white. Also I like to paint  on small fabrics.


Love is the main theme of your art . You try, through your artworks, to describe this feeling, isn’t it?


I’m blushing… Well, yes, I must say…in my art love seems not to always be happiness . Few weeks ago my boss said to me “your vitality seems be… anger, Akiko?”.

Indeed, If I remember about my partners from long time ago, I’ve drew a lot when I was angry with them. My art wants to show the love that is made of anger or sadness, I think.



So, is art for you a way to express your feelings and by sharing it, understand it better? Do you do a kind of personal research or you look at the world around and the relationships between individuals?


To express my feeling and to remember the feeling by myself/ for myself. And personal research is my work, itself. I draw especially womenand they are my reflection. I draw what happened on me really.

I drew the relationship between a girl that my boyfriend loved and me……See? There are anger and sadness again!




What are your sources of inspiration? Your art seems to be linked to poetry, to writing. Do you have any references in these areas?


I like to read books and also write letter. I find words have strong power and they make you imagine scenes.

When I write texts / kinda poetry with drawing, I always write it for someone. So it is more like e-mail and I’m telling the message for someone. But these messages mostly don’t reach anyone and remain personal mutterings.


What are your current projects and what will be the next ones?


I have participated in a group exhibition in Korea. The theme was “A self-portrait for me, for us”. I made a small book about it.

I have no plans for future exhibitions at the moment. However, me and a friend of mine who lives in Germany are making a website in which to share our art.





Akiko, what is Art for you?
Is my best friend.



Where can we Follow Akiko Nishiguchi Art?
You can find my works on my tumblr page (shared with my friend). I will draw hard and will try to update it as much as I can. Please have patience  and  I wish you  to enjoy  my works !


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