Wolo’ Graphisme – Laurène Beron-

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Laurene-Wolo (8) (Copier)
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Wolo’ Graphisme

Laurène BERON




Laurene-Wolo (5) (Copier)

Ph Nicolas Doretti

[email protected]



Laurene-Wolo (7) (Copier)

Ph Nicholas Doretti

Artistic background.

I studied corporate promotion then I did a one-year diploma of infographics operator and finally a webdisigner training. However, I am above all slef-educated.








Print / Web / Lettering

Main sources of Inspiration in Life.

I have had a real passion for the motorcycle world for a while, but shortly I have been more interesting into a specific universe; the retro-vintage one. This one has a big influence on my graphic work and on my inspirations. I love traveling as well, everytime I have the opportunity to: I go!



Laurene-Wolo (10) (Copier)

Ph Léo Fotka

Your relation with Two Wheels. More about your helmets customization  projects.

I grew up in a side-car with my brothers and sisters, as far as I remember, my father always rode a motorcycle!

I think it would have been dificult for me to do different. My big brother passed his driving licence and I follow when I was 21. I started with a roadster, a Yamaha 600 Faze FZS. My feets barely touched the floor, it was a mess, but I was happy, it was my first motorcycle.

Then, I had a small ER5 et finally I went to something totaly different … upset of being unable to handle easily my bike, to need some help for anything… I chose a customized motorcycle : from A to Z. My boy offered to me my partner, on a Suziki DR650RS base, rebuilt in a Bratstyle retro spirit, exactly what I like … just perfect for me :  not that young but with character!

Concerning the helmet customisation, I felt in love of this passion recently. I started lettering around one year and half ago. I did a Workshop with Francis Chouquet in Lyon, in which I learnt how a letter and a word were working, how to draw it, understand it. And then, an entire lettering composition. I acquired basics. I was drawing a lot of lettering on paper to find my style. I turned out to be out of sync and feminine.

A while later, I discovered paintings letters… especially on helmets and tanks. I am fascinated by this art. I did a training with Marc Curcial, a painting letter master. He taught me how to use a brush in the old school way. I will as well have an other training with Bruno Allard, “my mentor”, I admire his work… it’s a huge chance for me and I hope use the most in the future.




The past  today is a trend, what does it mean for you the vintage?

Indeed, Vintage is back since few years in many field. I think people need again true values, background, life story, handmade, real. We crossed the numeric age explosion which has obstructed many jobs. Including painting letters.


Today Retro is back and, it is good for me. I feel it in my job. I am a graphic and web designer, I work all day long on my computer… go back to a handmade activty is like a relaxing break for me. I use my head and my hands, I switch off my phone and I just focus on my brush and my drawing… What a delight !




Laurene-Wolo (8) (Copier)

Ph Nicolas Doretti


Tell me more about your current projects and collabs.

Concerning helmet painting, I am currently training and perfectionning. I had the pleasure to participate to a BMW Motorrad dealer open doors in Lyon, where I custumized a helmet just in front of the clients. I loved this experrience, sharing my passion with others and provide answers to questions… I think being a woman in this world brings up even more curiosity from people; a lot are surprised when I tell them I am a biker. But somehow, I think this gives me credibility and it is pleasant at the end of the day!


The artistic process, main steps to realize an artwork.

The most difficult as everytime is to find the idea !

Once the sheet of paper starts to be fullfilled it goes relatively fast!

I am particulary fond of lettering which is the drawing of words or sentences and I quite like French misused expressions; I like to play a lot with that. Usually, I start the drawing on a classic sheet of paper, then on the tracing paper and finally, I copy it on my support. I place it and change it depending on my desires. There is a part of the drawing directly made on the support with a soft pencil. Once satisfied, I start painting. I use Oneshot paint based on my trainers advises; this paint is awesome and the colours just sublime.




Icons in Art.

Bruno Allard,  Gemma O’Briens,  Tyrsa,  Dapper Signs, Julien Durix … and many others.

I do not  necessarily admire the most famous ones neither the most “en vogue”  but simply people who touch me by their works, and make me feel something.


Laurene-Wolo (21) (Copier)

Ph Léo Fotka



Icons in Life.

My grandmother !

She is totally out of my world, but I will always admire her strength, her life and how brave she is. She raised me for the most part and I think we can feel it in my character!

The collective of girl, The Litas, they are so inspiring … freedom, lifestyle, enjoyment of the moment. It’s time for this spirit to arrive in France !




What about Lyon, your city, is it an interesting context for Art?

Lyon has an interesting and inspiring historical heritage; alleys and monuments have a past, and we can feel it. I love walking in these old streets.

It’s a sweetlife to live in Lyon, good restaurants, french food, terasses, museums, some areas are more subject to art than others.

We are not at the level of Street Art in Firtzroy area in Melbourne city yet, which one I had the opportunity to visit. But we have some artists who really deserve to be known.




In addition to Art, what are the other great passions in your Life?

Without questions motorcycle, the world of motorcylce vintage and all things linking.

Music, jazz, especially …., electro swing, the good old school french music ! To be honest I love music in general and all feelings it makes me feel. It is quite unusual for me to work without it.

Traveling too, eveytime I have to opportunity to go within France or elsewhere I don’t hesitate for long. I love to discover cultures, people and the world.

And I love to live with simplicity… Parties and week-end with my friends, my boy, a drink on a terrasse, nice meals… It is during those moments from which I take my energy and my willing to move forward and create new projects. It’s just the need to be confortable with what I do.




Future plans – artistic dreams.

To have the opportunity to stay a freelancer living from my passion. To tell myself that life is beautiful and that’s not that difficult to be happy ! Just provide yourself with the means to…

Laurene-Wolo (13) (Copier)

Ph Léo Fotka

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