Toria Jaymes – Designer, Illustrator, Art Director…and more!

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Toria Jaymes Art – Stay Outside Studio – Sideburn Mag

Toria Jaymes – Stay Outside Studio –

The Interview

Toria, please introduce you, where are you from and what about your background?

My name is Toria Jaymes and in the last couple of years I have been operating under the guise of “Stay Outside”.
I guess I am best described as a Multi-Disciplined Creative. I have worked in the creative industry for well over a decade. With that I have a fair bit of commercial experience, in design, digital and as an art director.
I founded and ran a creative agency for several years in Shoreditch east London.
At it’s peak I decided I needed and wanted 100% focus on self initiated creative projects and to work with brands within the cultures I’m passionate about and with people that share similar ethics.

What fascinates you in Illustration? When you began think of it as your future work?

I’ve been an illustrator since a teenager and carried it through my collage art courses and University Graphics degree and into my professional career. Drawing and experimenting with different methods and crafts to image make has just been an ongoing part of my personal development.
It’s a part of who I am with or without a “career”.
Of course it’s self expression, and any form of that is always rewarding to anybody. It never ceases to excite me. There never seams enough time to fulfil even 20% of my ideas that I want to pursue. 

What are your artistic references and what are your sources of inspiration in everyday life?

Art, illustration, graphic communication all cross paths and so Im forever inspired.
My sources of inspiration or references change all the time, and remains very diverse. I’m forever enjoying and observing the skills of fine artists working with oils and acrylics.
Traditional sign painters have my upmost respect – right through to 3d digital artists and technical drawers.

“Craft Not Kill” – Toria Jaymes – Stay Outside Studio

When you founded your creative Studio  “Stay Outside Studio”, what was the idea behind it ?

I kept drawing things in my sketch book and over a period of a few months I saw a pattern, I kept including this statement “Stay Outside”
I was making a huge leap of faith and pulling the rug from beneath my feet. I was closing a successful business to pursue a relatively similar path but this time without the comfort and constraints that had grown up around me as my previous business grew.I was looking for a purer more focussed path for my work and to find outlets for it in areas that resonated with me a lot more.
Those two words meant a lot to me and to what I was trying to achieve next. Balance.To not be afraid of not fitting in, to happily stand outside of convention, to break the mould of societal expectations.
Blaze my own trail, to have as much fun as possible, and this meant stepping out of the studio, the city, the consumer driven society and to get out and play.
For me thats many things, from riding motorbikes in the dirt, skateboarding, climbing, being out in nature and slowing the hell down.
Stay Outside is predominantly just myself on many projects, especially illustrative ones, and is the name I work under. But I also have team up with animators and developers to see particular projects through. Collaborations are important to me. 
It feels healthy to be much more selective with the projects I take on, rather than saying yes to lots of things because of overheads and peoples salaries to cover. The level of freedom I have right now is perfect. I didn’t appreciate it until I had my agency. I think I needed to do that to appreciate this a whole lot more.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 16.58.48

Toria Jaymes – Stay Outside Studio – Sideburn Mag

What about  your great collabs? Please talk me about some of these exciting experiences.

I’m so proud of my collaborations with Sideburn magazine. From issue 24’s cover artwork to that leading to a mural and then Dirt Quake USA artwork. I have loved working with like minded people Like Gary at Sideburn and Thor at See See motorcycles, that have dedicated every breath to carving a living out of something they wholeheartedly love.The mutual respect for one anothers skills/experience is so appreciated and I truly believe my best work is created when we have such a healthy and fun environment for such projects.

The same can be said for Anthony who runs the Dirt Track Riders Association in the UK, I’m hoping to work more with him, he’s so dedicated and fully consumed but still always makes time to help people. I’m on a mission sniff out more people like this in the world and surround myself with them :)

Are you a biker? What do you ride? What’s your relation with the two wheels world? 

My passion with bikes really remains in the dirt and off road. I think living in London has tainted the fun factor of riding on the road for me, but I know I need to get out and do some proper road trips. But I’m really into developing my skills in off-road riding. Having had a dabble at enduro, I really want to do more of that. I’m at the beginning of dirt track ( flat track ) riding and I’m planning my first official race at the end of the month in the DTRA mini bikes category. I had such a blast at the recent Dirt Camp run by the DTRA that it got me pretty hooked. So lets see where that goes. I’m eager to get more experience to then plan some kind of adventure biking trip. Ideally all off road. 
Currently my main bike is a Honda XR which is tweaked a bit for green-laning. I’m looking to replace that soon with a meatier endurance bike.
I do love vintage enduros so I’m tempted to get a little project to work on and customise it a little to learn more about the mechanics and such.

What do you feel while you ride?

I think the best thing is being forced to be completely in the moment and present. Then for me its the skills and challenges you face off road or on track that are so rewarding as you see ability and style progress.

What are your latest projects concerning motorcycles?

I’m working with Harley Davidson USA at the moment on a secret project. I’ve just finished the cover art for the next Dice Magazine issue. 
I had a really great time live painting an 8ft x 8ft mural at the Bike Shed London a few weeks ago. I’m planning to work on a mural for their venue soon. Continuing working with the awesome Sideburn Magazine and I’m working with Survivor Customs on a really fun T-shirt design. So I’m really happy to say I have quite a bit going on in the bike world and I’m loving every minute of it.

Toria Jaymes – Stay Outside Studio

What about the process to realize an illustration and what about your technique?

I’m constantly pushing myself to step into less familiar environments, this keeps my edge I feel and creates such diversity in my work. I have a bit of a style in some of my illustration work, but then I like to throw a curve ball in to some projects to stop being too predictable. The risk of that can be having people Love or Hate certain pieces of work. But I’d much rather have that extreme to be honest. I think as my background is Graphic design and illustration I like being a bit of a chameleon and develop an aesthetic to what I feel is right for the project. That also being the case with self initiated projects, I really like to play around with differing styles.

I often start with sketches and create mood boards sometimes too, to try keep my focus tight as my mind goes a bit crazy when I’m developing concepts so I have to reign it in a bit otherwise I’ll never settle on a given idea. I often draw or paint and scan work in and work on it further in photoshop or illustrator. Or I draw straight onto my wacom screen. I’m also really into wood cut block printing and have recently just treated myself to a nice little printing press. 
When I’m creating murals I always have a design I develop specifically for that space. So I’m using spray paint and brush work for large scale wall pieces. I’m also really into working with water colour  and inks painting too.

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 12.20.59

“Be Your Own” – Toria Jaymes – Stay Outside Studio


Your art expresses your adventurous spiritit seems that you love what you do and you enjoy the adrenaline of a motorcycle, a skateboard, a bike or a snowboard and you express this energy in your artworks, is it right?

Well, thats really great that you can see that. I think sometimes it’s intentional, but not always. My subject matter is often focussed on those cultures. I think my playful side (which is probably 98% of me) will always try inject some of that spirit into my work. I do what I love for sure and I’m so grateful for this. I made it my intention from a teenager to make a living from something I would do for free and in any spare time that I had. When I get to combine my art with motorcycles or something else that I love, it’s pretty fulfilling.
That has always been my goal and think if you keep those seemingly out of reach utopian ideals with you always. you will gravitate bit by bit closer to reaching it.

Toria Jaymes – Dirt Quake USA print – Stay Outside Studio

What are you working on and what about your future projects?

Apart from my motorcycle work I mentioned earlier, I have just finished an EP artwork that will be on a super nice atlantic Pearl vinyl pressing. I’ve been working quite a lot with record labels creating art for music artists over the last year and a half. I’m always super excited when I get to create album artwork and such that becomes a lovely 12inch record. From Hassle records to Atlantic records and music management companies too, I love creating cover art!

I’m starting a new series of prints for my online store and some separate wood block printed pieces too. 
I intend to fit some more murals in this summer too.
I have some helmets I’m painting for The Trip Out this year. And I’m booked top paint a custom bike soon also. I’ll also soon be working on some web projects with my favourite human in the world Ava D’Antimo, shes an awesome front end developer and we have a few projects coming up to work on.

I just need to find more time to ride, skate, surf and climb, other then that I’m super stoked with life.

Toria Jaymes – Stay Outside Studio

Where can we follow you?


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Toria Jaymes – Stay Outside Studio





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