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Toby Putnam

Art- Moto – Mountains –

My first memories related to art…First or Second grade i started
drawing this monster. I would sit for hours drawing the same one over
and over. I remember changing it’s horns, teeth, and the direction of
it’s eyes. It was fascinating that it could be changed slightly and
the tone of the drawing changed completely. It felt powerful and

Who or what made me an artist… I can’t say anyone or anything
specific made me want to be an artist. I think every artist i know
thinks differently. We are all wired differently. If you walk into a
crowded room of people it’s pretty easy to pick out the creatives, a
bunch of weirdos, my kind of people.

My first artistic influences… I grew up watching all the old
Disney movies with my Mom. I drew a lot of robots and fantastical
creatures. It wasn’t so much about the image, but getting lost in the
story that unraveled on paper.


Artists of the past that I admire… M.C. Escher was incredible. I
loved his view on inanimate objects. Magritte was also a favorite.
Both of them were able to take a moment or object and turn it so
surreal and magical. Any art that manipulated the visual was super

What contemporary artists do i love… This artist Jon Burgerman
stands out. His work is very bold and graphic. The imagery is
absorbing. You can stare at his work and keep finding some new detail
or character.

My artistic process…
Process in art is so dependent on subject for
me. I love drawing in pen and ink. It’s precise and perfect. Painting
is not my strong point but really enjoy it. I like beating the shit
out of my work. Gives me an opportunity to be messy and loose. I
prefer to paint on wood over canvas. I use torches, dirt, inks, gels,
acrylics as i paint, but always come in for a final clean ink line to
give border and definition.


Main sources of inspiration…
Inspiration is a funny thing. It
comes and goes. Music plays a big part. Sets a mood i guess. Lately i
have been loving getting lost in symmetry and details of layering
backgrounds. Get outside, there is plenty of shit to inspire you. I
don’t know…people are fucking strange and fun to watch, the forest
is magic, or maybe just pick an object in the house and go with it.

Motorcycles… I love the vintage rides personally. I have never
owned a bike newer then 1980. Currently I’m riding a 1974 Honda CB360
around and restoring another. Never have owned a Harley but have a lot
of friends trying to get me too. Lots of forest service roads in
Oregon to get lost on. I like riding alone mostly. It’s a good time to
process and think about all the heavy shit I guess.

Why moto culture is so interesting…
I think the culture is
interesting because it has so many layers of people. Subcultures
within subculture. Some of it drives me fucking crazy, but for the
most part a lot of good humans that will always have your back. A big
family of weirdos.


The place I enjoy riding most… I loved the Utah Desert when
living there. Oregon has a lot of wide open farm country with amazing
volcanic backdrops. Anywhere without traffic and people.

Most inspiring place for my art… The forest never lets me down.
Can’t say i ever go to paint or draw. I spend a lot of time processing
new ideas and deciding which should become something and which should
be tossed.


Available on my site today. (Tell Me Another Beautiful Lie)

Un post condiviso da Toby Putnam (@whiskeyymouth) in data:

What am I working on…
I am currently working on a series of small
work painted of reclaimed pieces of wood. They are very traditional
tattoo inspired. I had an amazing opportunity to collaborate with a
friend Cheyenne Sawyer. His work is always inspiring. He got me
painting again and grateful for the push.

Any future plans or artistic dreams… My dreams always consist of
a small A-Frame in the forest. A life revolving around creating,
making, and exploring. My dog, a beautiful partner, a huge fucking art
studio and endless art supplies. What more could ya ask for?

Artistic obsession… Obsession is a word that always has a
negative connotation. I think without it nothing gets done. It serves
a purpose. Intensity and purpose. I am currently obsessed with
tattooed cowgirls and microwaved burritos.

What is Art… Art is life. Super cliche i know. Without it I
wouldn’t be here. This world would be so damn boring without it. We
all need it. Especially now with all the fucked up things happening in
the world. If the nuclear idiots of the world could take a time out
and smoke some weed and draw together, well… who knows.

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