Slow Art Works – “An exploration of ideas, craft & design”

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@slowartworks – Ph Tanit Plana



What is, when was born and who’s behind the idea of Slow?


Slow is a small design and communication studio based in Barcelona. It was born in 2011, after long conversations between the two founders, Joan Gallifa and Daniel Vergés.


Barcelona and Oslo, two really different realities.Two offices , two cities so different, it would be a great enrichment for your work, isn’t it?


This past year, we had the chance to work with Mia Dahl from Norway. We had a great time together but also shared our point of view on how to approach certain ideas. It became so easy to work together and we thought it would be good to continue that relationship as some kind of collaboration. For us to be able to open up to other markets is a great opportunity, we already work for people from other countries and yes, it enriches our view a lot.


Through your illustrations, design,  branding projects you help your clients  to develop their ideas, tell me about your approach, the way you work.


We focus a lot on the process. We enrich the process as much as we can, we play a lot, we try to challenge ourselves as much as we can. By the process, we get the chance to put ourselves in this challenging position where we don’t always know what is going to happen. Of course we can’t do that all the time, but we do try to make it this way as much as possible. We always focus on what the client needs and then we just show our point of view on that particular need. We know our point of view is what will make us different from any other studio, so that is what we offer. Also, we try to approach this not as computer slaves, so we try to use our hands a lot. The computer is a good tool, but it can’t be the only one.


Visiting your Instagram profile and your Facebook page, I can feel the pleasure with which you do your job, your studio is like  your home, a place of work but also fun and relax, isn’t it?


Yes! For us, the studio is basically an extension of what we do. We spend a lot of time here, so we want to make it as comfortable and inspiring as possible. We both play instruments, so we have some in the studio and that helps us have nice moments here. We really enjoy our work, so we take good care of what surrounds us to keep it good and fun.




I’m really fascinated (oooh I adore!) the series of  “western”“americana” illustrations: small, delicate, simple but so beautiful!

Please tell me more about this project.


Dani has always been very interested in that culture and visually speaking, it is very rich and brings a lot of emotion with it. We like those little things that can take you away for a moment- it can be a sound or a small illustration- and we find that western life has that power to make us dream and bring us to an undefined time and place. For personal reasons, Dani is also spending some time out in that “ranch life” where he gets the opportunity to get to know that reality.


What are the main sources of Inspiration for your work, in Life, in Art?


Life itself, so we try to keep it as interesting as we can. As we already talked about process, living is a key part of that process. If you’re only working, you are missing so much that your point of view just gets small. So doing things and having time to do things is essential. Traveling, spending time with our families, going out and socializing, being on your own, facing fears…

In art, we love so many diverse artists. We will try to keep it contemporary. We love the work of Simon Taylor (tomato), Borja Martinez (Lo Siento), Land, Nam, Yu Nagaba, John Warwicker (tomato), Stewart Easton, and Jason Lee, to name a few.


What about your context? Is Barcelona an exciting, interesting city for Art and Design?


We think so. This is a good small city where there are always things happening. It has a very strong design culture and the city keeps it interesting in that matter. It’s an easy city, the weather is really good and the size of the city makes it so accessible. A lot going on at any time, very sociable.


@slowartworks – Ph Kate Matheson




What’s your relation with Two Wheels? Are you inspired by the Moto Culture?


We live in a city where almost everybody has a bike, but mainly scooters to move around the city. In his American life, Dani gets to ride a really nice and fun Honda XL 250 from 1979. We do find the Moto Culture very rich and inspiring. The freedom, the sensations, the places, the landscapes seen from a moto. Also, the visual culture in terms of design that comes from the brands is so good and inspiring. It has a really rich background and it’s obvious that the people from the moto world have historically been very interested in art, as we can all see in its communication (past and present).



What are your current Projects and main Collabs.


We work for a couple of coffee related brands, roasters and machine builders, and we get to have a lot of fun with them. We are also doing some illustrations for a ranch in Colorado and working on a collaboration with a magazine we love from Texas. We are also always working on some internal projects, like the Tri-Woods project (






What are your artistic, professional Dreams?


We would love to collaborate some day with some of our all time heroes like Simon Taylor from Tomato.

We would like to grow a bit to be able to face more diverse work, and to be able to work with more people as we love learning from others by working on something.






Where can we Follow Slowartworks?














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