Serena Conti – Illustrations – “My Superheroes are different than yours”

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Serena, on February 4th at the Eden Caffè in Treviso , will take place the opening of your exhibition “My Superheroes are different than yours” are you excited, stressed? What are the feelings behind an exhibition?

This is my fifth personal exhibition, but every time it’s a different emotion, every time it’s like getting naked in front of many people.

I’m being judged  and this always puts me a little ‘anxiety, but at the same time fills me with adrenaline and excites me.

I love drawing, it makes me free, it’s my way of shaking hands and introducing myself . I’don’t hide a bit of fear, but I spent time and energy and now I’m happy to show my work to my city.

I don’t believe in the quote “nemo propheta in patria”.




Why  are your superheroes different  from others and why did you choose this theme?

Recently the desire for superheroes has been rediscovered.

Magnificent, powerful, brave and noble beings with extraordinary abilities fighting against monsters, aliens, natural disasters and criminals. It’s a fascinating, intense, engaging and sometimes metaphorically realistic world for our everyday life.

My superheroes are different because I wanted to bring them to a more human stage, ironize on them and make fun of them, because the superheroes are more like us than we think in the name of justice, love, loyalty, they become what we would like to be or maybe what we already are.

They are the projection, the symbols of our expectations and represent the echo of our anguishes, fears, our nightmares but also our hopes, dreams and desires.




What techniques did you use for your illustrations?

As always, my starting point is made with ink-based markers, but for the first time I wanted to use color.

The ironic theme helped me in this step. I used pantones, alchool-based markers that are generally used in fashion design and interior design.

Last step was with a post-production computer to make the design absolutely flat and with a vaguely pop taste.


What are the emotions you want to communicate through this series?

At the beginning I’d like to make the spectator smile, lighten his mind without too many claims, then I would like to make him think about these superheroes that are so much venerating but in reality they are very similar to us.

I would like to ask questions like these:
” Which person who is very irritated by the injustices suffered doesn’t recognize himself in Hulk trying to control anger  in the most critical moments, sometimes wishing to explode in the same way?”.
” What child doesn’t see Superman’s protection in his father’s strength?”.
“Women who are so busy between home, work and family, are not they like Wonder Woman?“.

I don’t aspire to Freudian reflections, I like the idea that everyone, in one way or another, feels like a superhero for himself or someone else.



Who are your superheroes?

I have always believed that what my mother or my grandmother did every day was normal, I always believed that all the women and mothers of the world were doing this …. then growing up I started to see things from another point of view.

I saw in their daily life,  extraordinary superpowers, something unattainable, exceptional.

They are and will forever be my superheroine, normal people with abilities and powers out of the ordinary.

I want to dedicate my exhibition to them.




Perhaps each of us is,  in his own way,  a superhero in everyday life. You  definitely have so many qualities; you’re a creative, strong, dynamic woman, but if you could have a superpower, something really powerful, what would you choose?

Wow, beautiful question …difficult.

I’d like to be a scientist with extraordinary intelligence, I would like to know how to build and find solutions to the great evils of the world: droughts, big infrastructures, medical discoveries, poverty, frost, heat … it may seem rhetorical but I would like everyone to feel good even with little .

And then we know that with a great intelligence you can conquer the world, I believe that intelligence is the queen  of superpowers.



Besides the exhibit what are your next plans?

I’m learning to use the tattoo gun, but I don’t want to tattoo human skin, but rather make leather objects on which to draw my illustrations …. but I can’t anticipate anything else, it will be a surprise and a great challenge!


Serena, remember us the appointment with your show:
Sunday 4th of February at 7.30 PM
Via 15 Luglio, Treviso


And Follow:

@serenacontiart- Serena Conti Illustration

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