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Name: Sébastien Nunes

Location: Brussels Belgium

Job: Photographer & social media manager.






Sebastien please tell us a bit about you.

I’m 39, living in Brussels with my beautiful girlfriend, no kids, two dogs and four motorcycles.



What about your very first approach withpPhotography? Feelings.

My first memories about photography is when I was a kid, my mother received a reflex camera and I was super impressed by this “huge” camera. I wanted to handle it all the time and I loved the smell of films. While growing up I tried to borrow that camera as much as I could. I think my mum still has this camera somewhere despite it doesn’t work anymore.


Did you study Photography? What about your artistic background?

I’m a self-taught photographer, I started taking it seriously after I started working and I could buy a decent camera.

I’ve read many photography books to understand the technical aspects and I did some short trainings in the early 2000’s.

Then I had the chance to meet Fred Pauwels who is a pro photographer and we launched Stay True Prod (True Biker spirit at the very beginning) together and I learned a lot about the photography job with him.






When you started working “professionally” and what about your first projects?

I’m freelancing since 2012 and the first projects were with Stay True Prod.

One of the first thing I remember shooting is the Classic Bikes at Chimay, it’s a race which is quite popular in Belgium and I loved the mood, bikes & rock’n roll. I also met great people there.

Michel & Bernadette Ledermann were racing on a Sidecar at that time, following them on the classic races was the first long term project at Stay True Prod and they became very good friends.



Have you always been fascinated by cars and motorcycles? Why do you love these subjects? What are the emotions connected with them?

Yes, I love seeing, touching, smelling, feeling the engine vibrations of cool cars/bikes, I love driving/riding them.

I don’t have any car at the moment but I ride a Ducati 1098 and I love this bike, it’s mean, it’s hard to ride, it’s not comfortable but it’s so exciting to ride…..and the sound it does…. lovely.

Riding or driving an exciting bike/car it gets my goat.

I like to shoot cars and bikes because I really enjoy searching for the best angle to show the aesthetic but also because for each car/bike there is someone driving/riding it or even better building it!

And it’s a great way to meet people. To hear their story and feel their passion.





Camera/ Equipment.

I currently have a Canon 5D MKIII and some good lenses that I use for customer’s jobs, but the camera I really enjoy using is my Leica M-P with a 35mm lens. One body one lens, it’s an all-rounder.

This camera is amazing, the quality of the lens is crazy and the process is so much more fulfilling.




Black and White or Colors, or both?

That’s a tricky one. I love B&W photos, deep blacks and contrasty black & whites always work for me.

But most of the images I produce are colour ones, I like the warm colours, probably because I live in Belgium and we always have grey skies and rainy weather so I need colours to see something else!





Due to your work you travel a lot. What is the place that has fascinated you more, as location for your photography?

Not so much actually, most of my jobs are done in Belgium or around.

I recently had the chance to travel to Norway for holidays and I was blown away by the landscapes there.

I really enjoy being in the nature and take pictures of the landscapes.




Favorite Light.

Warm evening light.





Are you a biker ? What do you ride?

For sure! I ride a Ducati 1098 as mentioned before.

A hell of a bike! Every day.




What are your current projects and collabs and what about the next ones?

The main project I’m working on now is Motorcycle-Diaries, it’s a community platform for bikers to share the best roads & POI in Europe and create/share your best trips.

It’s a fantastic project for me as it involves riding, photography and exploring new places, everything I love to do !

Check-it out:






Photography is…
…about emotions, emotion of seeing a great photo, emotion of creating (or trying to create) a great photo….
…about choices, choice of what you show and what you hide.
An adventure….every shoot is different, new locations, new faces, new subjects, new light, new angles…’s like a journey.





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