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Sarah – @obsidian_photo

Live an Open Road. :: Light chaser :: Story maker :: Adventure Seeker :: Travel junkie :: Moto Enthusiast :: Autodidactic Book Eater

Name: Sarah Delia

Location: Burlington,Vermont but currently riding around Thailand, India and Nepal for the winter

Job: Photographer & Tea Master

Motorcycle: ’15 Triumph Bonneville, 16′ Ducati Scrambler Italia, ’14 Kawasaki Ninja

Website/Instagram: www.Obsidian.Photo 

IG: obsidian_photo



First Moto experience, sensations, feelings.

The first time I was ever on a motorcycle was 5 years ago near the beaches of South India.

I was walking through the heat of Indian summer looking for a secret beach I had heard so many whispers about but I had been walking with my pack for two hours and never found the trail.

When I finally couldn’t do it anymore I threw my thumb to the wind and got picked up by an old expat from Switzerland on his Royal Enfield. I was somewhat scared of motorcycles up until that point, having declined every invite from my father to ride on his old Honda, but as soon as this old swiss guy kicked it into first and we took off down the road I felt that familiar feeling of falling fiercely in love with something.

It wouldn’t be until two years later while living in India that I would start learning how to ride one myself.

My teacher was a young Indian priest that spoke very little english… there were a lot of hand gestures and an accidental wheelie but riding through the jungle and the Himalayas was life changing.



You and your Motorcycle in everyday life.

Spending time with them is the best part of my day whether its a weekend ride or a ride around the block.

I have a ten minutes commute to work and I never fail to wake up looking forward to it.

I think about them more then anyone else…haha!




A Moto trip, alone or with others?

Thats a tough one!

They’re such different experiences.

Sometimes I just need to clear my head and jumping on the bike alone, completely free to roam is what I need most.

But for an introvert, riding is THE best form of socialization I can imagine. It really depends on the trip and what I hope to get out of it.


With others? Moto crew or companion. 

Wandering around with some of your favorite people on bikes, camping and staying in hotels, seeking new roads and creating stories… thats my favorite way to hang out.

I also think riding is the best kind of first date !





What about your local Moto scene?

Unfortunately there is not much of one in Vermont.

I started the Litas Montpelier branch with two of the coolest biker chicks i’ve met… and two of the only ones i’ve met.

There isn’t much of a custom or vintage bike scene which is what I really love the most. I think they’re out there in Vermont somewhere, they just don’t come out much.

I’m thinking of having a Spring Moto campout in Vermont in hopes of bringing all the lone wolves together and building a community.

We do have a really rad shop in Brattleboro called Vintage Steele and those guys do some killer builds!(author’s note: enjoy the article about  the guys of Vintage Steele here!)




Your “inspiring” place, the one you really love to enjoy Two Wheels.

The back roads of Vermont are where I learned to ride, so they’re pretty special to me.

That being said I rode Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway last autumn and I can barely put into words how incredible that was.

I felt like I was dancing.


obsidian 14

Triumph – @obsidian_photo



Best  Moto Adventure.

So far the one i’m on!

I just got done riding around the mountains and valleys of Northern Thailand.

I also loved riding through Death Valley and Valley of Fire this fall.


obsidian 15

Triumph – @obsidian_photo



First Approach with Photography.

I like to photograph things in their natural environment.

I consider myself a Culture and Lifestyle photographer.





Obsidian Photographic, birth and philosophy of your personal project.

I fell in love with photography when I was pretty young but I didn’t consider myself a photographer until my first real adventure traveling in India.

It was there that I realized photography was an extension of myself in a pretty deep way.

My photography shows the world what I find important and its a reflection of everything that I love, respect and admire. Its my way of preserving and capturing the uniqueness of cultures and subcultures and dying cultures.

Its my way of capturing beautiful landscapes and joyous memories. Most importantly, its my way of telling stories and showing people a world they may never get to see first hand.

I also LOVE photographing my friends while riding. I think its a really special kind of portrait that I can offer them… its a blend of landscape and portraiture, capturing the incredible experience of riding.

My motto is “Live an Open Road”.

I believe that life really flourishes when you’re wandering around, getting lost, and having nowhere to really be. But its also suggesting to just BE FREE…. free with thought and art and your way of life.



obsidian 5 lakota wolf preserve

“Lakota Wolf Preserve” – @obsidian_photo



Camera/ Equipment.

Canon 5D MKII and an array of lenses.

My favorite lens is my Sigma 35mm Art.

Its seriously magic.





What does it mean for you traveling? Enrichment, growth, discovery?

Traveling is really my drive in life.

It has been my greatest teacher and I owe a great deal of who i’ve become to the challenges and beauty i’ve found on the road.

I think everyone should travel to a place that is completely different from the one they grew up in.

The kind of perspective you gain can really change a person.





The Motorcycle as an artistic Muse.

Riding a motorcycle just fits in perfectly with my love of travel, photography and culture.

It has enhanced all of those things in ways I never could have anticipated. I used to depend on public transportation when I traveled and now I can rent a motorcycle and hit the road on my own, stopping in whatever town I feel like, taking whatever road seems interesting.

I’ve also been really inspired to build bikes of my own inspired by countries i’ve been and landscapes i’ve seen.

And of course my obsession with Motorcycle photography has come out of it.




What will be your next destination.

I leave tomorrow to head back to my beloved India!

I’ll be riding bikes in the Northern part of the country for a few weeks before heading over to Nepal to ride with some guys and get tattooed at the Nepal Tattoo Convention in Kathmandu.




Current projects and artistic dreams.

I have an old Honda CB350 in pieces in my garage…

That should definitely be on the project list. I have a really ridiculous design for it inspired by the deserts of the Southwest.

But right now i’m really trying to build Obsidian into something that partially supports me and my bikes financially.


A Motorcycle is.
Freedom. A Therapist. A best friend.



 Photography is.
An extension of myself and a reflection of what I love, respect and admire in the world.





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