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Name: Salmo Works / Yupo Lin

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Job: Artist / Graphic designer

Motorcycle: 2009 Harley-Davidson Sportster 883L





First approach with Art and artistic background.

I’ve always loved drawing since I was little, and my parents put me in crafting and painting class for kids. They don’t really teach “art” there, they just let us play creatively. I had a really great time there.

When I went to middle school, I took a test for getting into the “special art class”, and I failed. But it didn’t stop me drawing.

It turns out that art class doesn’t care much about being creative, they just focus on the skills. I think I’m kind of lucky that I didn’t get into that class.






Illustration, lettering. Mostly done by pen on paper works, a little digital.




Main sources of Inspiration in Life.

I think everything is inspiration. Life itself is inspiration. The people you meet, the music you listen to, the book you read, the movie you see, the food you eat… I believe in vibrations, everything is vibrating. So everything has an impact on each other less or more. Inspiration comes to you when it’s time.



Favorite subjects.

Motorcycles, music, nautical and vintage things, and Zen. I like something with a story or philosophy, I think that’s where the beauty is. People are touched by the stories behind things.

Stories bring everything alive. Without stories, everything is just like a flesh without soul.




More about your Bike.

I ride a 2009 Harley sporty. And customized it a bit. There’s no specific style on my bike. I just made it the way I think it looks good.

I spray painted over the stock gas tank and wrote some lettering on it freely to make it “not so polished”. I prefer simple and rough things, instead of over-decorated ones. Cause I believe beauty comes from the inside. Everything we see on the outside is just a projection of the inside.





The Motorcycle as an artistic Muse. The characteristics of the Moto culture you love the most and the reasons why the Two Wheels world is so fascinating for your Art.

It’s said that riding motorcycles is the closest way to flying on the ground. And there’s another saying that four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul. I think that these quotes describe very well the meaning of riding a Bike.

Motorcycles are more than just vehicles. We’re exposed to the nature, to the enviroment. We can feel the wind, the sun, the rain, the cold or the warmth on bikes. Unlike filtered by windows in a car. Beside that, motorcycles represent freedom. It allows riders or builders to express theirselves, to play creative. Isn’t it artistic?






What about your local Moto scene?

It’s not a long history of motorcycle culture in Taiwan due to government allows to import foreign motorcycles just 15 years ago. But the population of motorcyclists is growing and growing. And the custom culture is getting more and more valued in this ten years.


There is a main custom motorcycles show called Ride Free in Taiwan, which is held annually in Taipei. Most of the builders and riders will gather together for the event. It’ll be the 8th edition this year.


Unfortunately, we’re still under the legal issue. It is still illegal modifying vehicles in Taiwan. It is like an underground culture. What’s even worse is our government is banning and cracking down custom bikes in a large scale this year! And they’re giving rewards to those who find custom bikes…

It’s really ridiculous and depressing. We’re still fighting for our rights, and we need all the support from riders all over the world!




The place you really love and recommend to enjoy Two Wheels.

I really enjoy riding in the mountains around Taipei. And along the long coast line on east Taiwan from Hualien to Taitung, where I can ride with the beautiful Pacific Ocean.





What are you working on? Current projects and collabs.

There  are always so many ongoing projects.

I’m currently working on some logo and graphic designs for some bike custom shops in Taiwan and a jewelry brand in France, the visual design for Ride Free 8, my personal merchandise, and visual design for a traditional Taiwan temple event.




The future: artistic dreams and…what will you draw tomorrow?

I’m always willing to try something new or unfamiliar to me, maybe new techniques or different styles. Cause I believe everything is changing and moving in the universe, even the truth is not always staying the same. I think this is what  we call “alive”.

And not just in drawing, I also want to make music or videos, and maybe build motorcycles someday.

I’ll draw whatever comes to my mind tomorrow. Or maybe not drawing anything.

I don’t have much plans, just let go and see where life will bring me.



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