Meredith Devine Photographer – Makeup Artist – Creative Director

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Meredith Devine

Photographer | Makeup Artist | Creative Director


Los Angeles, CA


Photographer and Makeup Artist

Ig: @meredithdevine






Your first approach with Photography, sensations, feelings.

I studied Graphic Design and Photography at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Chelsea, NYC. Photography was recreational at the time. I bought my first (real) DSLR camera in 2010. While I was studying at FIT I shot all film so as a broke college student digital was a more convenient and affordable option.  I moved on to study at The Makeup Designory in Soho, NYC to explore and build my career as a makeup artist. I knew I wanted to focus on makeup. I took a job with MAC Cosmetic for the last 6 years until my freelance work picked up. During that time I spent a lot of time behind the camera.




More about your Camera/Equipment.

I have been shooting a lot of film. I use a Minolta SR-T 101. Its a basic, inexpensive camera but I love it. I also shoot with a Sony A55 using various Minolta and Sony lenses. I actually just upgraded to the Sony A7R II. Very excited about that.



Women! Why you love them so much? 

I am one and I’m proud to be! Women are the most beautiful beings. I think it’s important to celebrate them and represent them in the most honest and honorable way possible. Three characteristics I thing are most important are being sexy, ambitious, and confident.



The female body as a work of Art, tell me more about “Meredith’s Painted Ladies ” project.

I imagined my audience to be both male and female. When men see the images I’ve created, they want the bike and the girl. When women see it they want to be the girl and the guy that owns the bike. For some of us ladies, the bike too! The reason I started this series was my desire to pick up where others left off. There was a handful of images where women are painted modeling with choppers and vans that had me wanting to see more because there really weren’t many out there. I had this Idea to paint women for a while. I flipped through many Easy Riders, Choppers, and Big Bike magazines over the years. I wanted to create images unique to our time so people get the same feeling from my photos as they do those images from the 60’s and 70’s. The bikes are inspired from that time, so should the image. However, it’s not just the photograph. Its the wardrobe, makeup, hair, body paint, and the location that makes it special. I shoot both digital and film because I think it’s important to get a wide range of images. Film has been a great tool in making it feel from the past. My Series is a glimpse into the past using bikes and women from our time. My painted Ladies represent strength and femininity.



Are you a biker? What do you ride?

I ride an 1989 Harley Sportster. Had a lot of modifications to make it my own.






The Motorcycle as an artistic Muse.

I love shooting choppers. So much work and energy goes into building one and maintaining it. The thought of that machine/motor being loved by different owners over the years is really cool. There is always a story whether it was the build or the trip or its history.



…and then there are Men…

The mind and heart behind the machine!  The men are just as important as the woman in my series. Wouldn’t be a bike if it wasn’t for them.


You are inspired by the ’60s-’70s culture, what are the other sources of inspiration for your Art?

I’m always getting inspired by something! I love old chopper magazines, fashion magazines, films, other photographers. I love photo books. Something about flipping pages I love more then scrolling on the internet.


What’s your idea of sensuality?

Sensuality is the quality of being exciting and sexy to others but more importantly, yourself. It’s something that comes from within and everyone else gets the pleasure to see and/or enjoy it.



A thing about Meredith I absolutely have to know.

Oh my! This is the hardest question. What do you know? Haha



Current projects and Collabs.

I’m about to finish up my book! Meredith’s Painted Ladies. Its a 150 page hard cover coffee table book. 15 chapters for each girl/bike. Ive been working on the series for a year and a half now. That’s my main focus for now.  I have lots of small collaborations and projects coming up as well but the main focus is the book and my photo shows. Book will be available this coming May through Show Class Magazine.



Talking about women, there’s a woman that you love in a special way, or a female icon of cinema, art that you would like to photograph?

I’d love to shoot Bella Hadid. I think she is extremely captivating and possibly the next Kate Moss. ALSO would die to shoot Sasha Grey. She’s one of my favorite humans haha.








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