Mercedes Bellido – Illustrator & Painter

posted by Nicoletta Rolla February 10, 2017 0 comments
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Mercedes, where are you based and what about your Local Artistic Scene?


I´m based in Madrid. The local artistic scene in Madrid is a very young atmosphere, where young people mix  art with  design and fashion. I think that it needs to grow up in the next years because it´s not mature yet and we must get better to realize new interesting things.


Main steps of your Career till now:


Well, I studied Fine Arts in Cuenca, a little city in Spain, and then I moved to Madrid to study a Master in art investigation. Then I started to collaborate with brands like Urban Outfitter, Reebok, Bershka, Absolut and many others, I worked the last year like art director in a fashion brand called Kling; at the moment I decided to focus my work  on illustration and painting.




Your “Icons” or Muse in Art:


I’m strongly influenced by the paintings of Giorgio De Chirico, Henri Rousseau and René Magritte, but lately I feel very interested in baroque paintings (Rubens, Juan de Valdés Leal, Zurbará, Phillipe De Champaigne) and some artist like John Audubon and Charles F. Tunniclife who painted lot of birds and animals in the nature.







Main Sources of Inspiration:


I get my inspiration in books and Internet; Internet is a great tool of visual  current information and it´s very important in my work because I can get the information that I need at the moment or find a painting that I was looking for so I try to make some doodles too and write new ideas and then I start to paint. The artistic process begins!






Ideal, Inspiring Moment, in everyday Life to work, to create:


I don’t think that I have a specifically inspirational moment. I think that if you work hard you will always find the inspiration.










My favorite medium, probably is paper, but I use canvas too, and I always paint with acrylic and ink.




An hallmark of your artworks, something that returns, an “artistic obsession”…


Well, I think that my artworks and paintings are composed with  mistery elements that make up a whole imaginary world with influences from Baroque still life mixed with surrealist elements and  traditional tattoo or alchemical imagery. I´m very interestd in this kind of “mistery elements” and I return always to them.







When you don’t paint what do you do?


I like ride my bike, go to concerts, meet  my friends, stay on the sofa watching series…common things.



A thing I have know to better understand your personality:


I’m very very patient, but if it’s over, it ends forever. I´m 100% taurus. Hahaha






Mercedes and the Motorcycles: a new love story, please tell me about this passion:


I always wanted to have a motorbike, when I was a child I imagined me in the future riding my own bike and I worked hard to get the money and spent a lot of money and time to get the driving license but finally I got it!




Collabs and Current Projects:


In the last  years I´ve collaborated with brands like Reebok, Urban Outfitters, Absolut, Pull & Bear, Eastpak, Bershka, Pepe Jeans, Sony and I´ve participated in projects such as Valle Eléctrico, L.ibros Mutantes, Lost & Found Market, Festival de Les Arts. And now I´m preparing my next exhibition in Valencia.





Artistic Dreams:


I hope that I can work on this all my life.



Where can we Follow you and admire your Art?


You can follow my work in Instagram: @mercedesbellido









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