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 Margherita Paoletti illustration



Margherita, let’s start talking about the place where you work. How your studio looks like? What’s on your desk? Do you listen to music while you are drawing?


Hi there! My first studio is my notebook which I carry with me all the time. My second studio is of course a room full of colours, paper, books and boxes.

On my desk you’ll find a computer, a Wacom tablet, lots of pencils and lots of sketchbooks.

While I’m working I love listening to music, podcasts and audio books.




How do you find the inspiration? And when you are not inspired what do you do?


Inspiration is a tricky one.

I found a way to defeat the lack of it by constantly thinking through pictures, never giving up this constant need of creating.

Going to museums or scrolling on my phone is also a big source of inspiration.





Describe the techniques and mediums that you use.


I’ve been using many techniques, from printmaking to painting. I like to draw with a simple black Bic pen on my sketchbook, but I also like to use brushes and colours.

Right now I’m drawing with pencils, watercolours and my digital tablet.



Has your style changed over time? How?


I believe my style is evolving, I’m more aware of what to draw and what is the message I want to give.

I think illustration is a good way to analyse our times and to give an impression from your personal point of view, might be like reading a book.


Margherita-paoletti_The woman in the dark is walking away

“The woman in the dark is walking away” @margherita_paoletti


How do you define it now?


I’d like to define my style more vibrant and surrealist.

Also I have a long way ahead of me, right now I’m sure that I’ll keep drawing and developing new projects.


Margherita-Paoletti_The-woman in the dark II-is-standing-in-front-of-us-you-can-see-inside-her

“The woman in the dark is standing in front of us you can see inside her” @margherita_paoletti


3 things that inspire you right now.


Sky, nature and feminism.



“Fighter” @margherita_paoletti


What are the subjects you love to represent and the stories you love to tell?


These month I’ve been drawing portraits of musicians and people I like or admire.

Besides portraits I’m developing an editorial portfolio with different themes.





You often represent women, which women of the past you admire in a particular way?


Yes indeed, that’s what I am and what I represent.

I admire all the nonconformist women, specially the ones from the past like artists, activists, musicians.




“Crown Flower Woman ” @margherita_paoletti


And today? Which women do you celebrate through your art?


I don’t like to be repetitive so I’m trying to widen my view and consider other projects to follow. I’m trying to represent different kind of inner self, drawing women’s faces with different contents instead of lineaments.



Which forms of art, music, writing, cinema, fashion…influence your artistic vision?


I believe that the more you watch, listen and read, the most you’ll generate your own vision.

Of course I get more influenced by painters and paintings, but I mix this with fashion (for the colours and shapes) and cinema as well, the latter helps me with the mood of my illustrations, while music is the line’s rhythm.




What are you working on?


A whole new portfolio, it’s hard work but I love it!




“Postcard from Tokio” @margherita_paoletti




What will you draw “tomorrow”?


I guess it’s time for a Christmas illustration!






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