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Moth & Dust


Name: Jordan Leal

Location: Long Beach, CA

Job: Graphic Designer for Faraday Future







First approach with Art.
I went to high school in Modesto, CA. There I took an ROP screen printing course. I got bit with that bug so hard that I’m still stoked about screen printing and hope to have my own 4 color press one day.



All of my work is black and white. Some pieces I do digitally, some I do with ink and paper.




Main sources of inspiration in Life.
Alan Watts, the words of my friends and family, Semiotics, Aposematism and anything counterculture.



Favorite subjects.
Zen, Taoism, Punk, Metal, Samuel Beckett, dark dark comedies and horror, skateboarding.



Icons in Art.
Ed Big Daddy Roth, Jim Philips, Mike Giant, Matty D’Arienzo.




Are you a biker? What do you ride?
Yeah, through and through.
Right now, an Evo Sporty.

Chopper Rat – @moth_and_dust



The Motorcycle as an artistic Muse, why the Moto culture is so fascinating for you and inspiring for your Art?
There’s so many reasons why.
The main ones are that I feel most centered mobbing down hyw 5  from Long beach to SF.
I hate cars, I hate that they give people a false sense of security.
The struggle with keeping the machine tuned and running. The danger.
I think moto culture is a celebration of individuality and a challenging convention but in a way that we couldn’t care less who knows about it. Its just an inherently defiant thing to say “I’m going to hack off every scrap of plastic and metal that I don’t need to move forward.”
I love that mentality and I try to embrace it in every other aspect of my life including my artwork.
Every pen stroke happens after I ask myself  “Do I need this detail for the piece to communicate form?”



Scrambler – @moth_and_dust

What are you working on? Current projects and Collabs.
Right now I’m just trying my best to crank out more personal work.
I do murals and freelance things but I have a 40 hour work week and a 1 year old at home, so doing an illustration once a week is a huge win for me.
I’m hoping soon to print some shirts of my most recent piece.



What about the Future? Artistic dreams.
I’d like for my artwork to sustain my family and I so that I can get out of the corporate main stream. If it never does thats okay; I’ll keep doing it cuz I don’t know another way.
I’d like to have my own clothing company one day.


Illustration for you is…
It’s so powerful.
We take for granted how much visual information we can absorb in just a second.
We can walk into a room and evaluate an entire scene based on peoples’ body language, posture, eye contact.We can find where the food is, where the exit points are, where there is a vacancy to sit or stand, and much more in just a second or two.
So with an Illustration, the viewer has the opportunity to focus that incredible perception onto one intricate thing, to be taken in completely and to feel something cathartic if the subject matter is relatable.
In that regard, I guess I’m trying to level with all the other dirt bags and nomads out there.





NIght Rider – @moth_and_dust

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