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Huid en Staal. (translation; skin and steel) Frank Bouwmeester

Location: Hengelo Holland

Job:    Signpainter , motorcycle graphic artist

insta: @huidenstaal





Artistic background.

School of Fine Arts, Enschede and Amsterdam.


Main sources of Inspiration.

Old  drawings of flowers and animals with pen and ink. Communistic propaganda posters  and artworks, Shige Tattoo artists and music for the mood.







The almighty brush and paint, goldleaf.


Helmet and tank customization; the themes you love to represent and artistic process, main steps.

At first I look at the shape of the tank, helmet, sidecar or whatever, than it depends on what  I’m interested in at that moment, sometimes it’s about  music or the  pictures I collect, sometimes the technique I want to learn, sometimes a scene that’s in my mind.  Then I make a rough sketch on paper without colour, only black.

After that I finish the drawing with a black pen. This is the part I really like because the drawing becomes the form I want. In my mind I’m already painting because  I don’t want to fade the colors or forms. I like the hard lines, like a woodprint or a serigraphy (like the communistic art).

And then its  a delicate stage because when I draw the rough lines on the tank or helmet its never the same as on the paper. But that’s what I like because now the idea is going to live its own life. When I start painting on the tank or helmet I look at the sketch but its always different. Sometimes I make decisions to get away of the original idea, as I said its fun to see the artwork growing.







What about your local Moto scene and the artistic one?

There is no local motorscene in my town. My best friend and I are building motorcycles since we were 18 and were go to  the events to see other creations. For my artistic work I also visit events to see whats nice and whats not. The artistic scene in my town is not very alive but this month the local art gallery (Heart gallery Hengelo) is showing a great Streetart exhibition and they asked a few international streetart artists to show their work.

And they asked me to bring some motorcycles, helmets en tanks and it fits great with the work of the other artist.






What do you ride?

My good old company sidecar wich I build myself. I bought the BMW when I was 20 because it was so ugly in his original shape and I thought I can make it look much better.




Feelings connected with the ride experience.

Riding my sidecar is hard working. You’re busy every second and there is no time for snoozing. I always attend events with my sidecar because it is an important part of my stand. People recognize me from my sidecar. My sidecar brought me to a lot of great places in eEurope but the are a lot of places I want to go with my 3 wheeled friend.




Your best Moto adventure.

Too many…. but what I always like is the situations when you ride. When something goes wrong there are always nice people who try to help you. Once the spokes of my rearwheel went down and it was raining hard, not a little hard but HARD. I puched the broken sidecar under the roof of a chicken coop which was 130 cm high. Earleyer that day, when the sun was shining (of course it was in England) I decided to make me a little barbeque. Under the roof of that chickencoof I made me a little bbq and a very kind Belgium guy saw me sitting there and he joint the private party. He has a bottle of whiskey and we had a really great evening whith the sound of the rain on the roof. The belgian man slept in his car and I slept under the roof. In the morning the belgian man took the broken wheel to a motorcyle store and they fixed it in a few hours. Because of the broken wheel I was in late for the event but It was no problem for me.




Current projects and collaborations.

I just finished a helm for Oleck fett and there are a few helmets I took from customers of Republic Moto in Rotterdam because they wanted me to paint them. This weekend I’m going to work on Hey Day in Breda with my partner in crime Lisa Ottevanger, she is the founder of Dutch on Wheels and we do every year a few events together.




Future plans – artistic dreams.

I don’t have straight plans, what comes around, comes around. I have been very lucky over the past years many interesting things have happened.

Artistic dreams, grow in my drawing, grow in my painting.




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