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Dimitri Coste ph
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Dimitri Coste


I met Dimitri in Paris by chance two years ago during a motorcycle event organized by the guys of  4h10.

With this interview I can confirm  the humility and kindness that I saw in Paris in his smile.

Dimitri is a person of great inspirationinsatiable racer, adventurermotorcycle fanatic, a talented photographer and filmmaker, a stylish man and much more!

Enjoy the interview and follow Dimitri!


Scott Pommier ph


Dimitri, your father was a journalist for Moto Vert (motorcycle off road mag); Dimitri child followed him and his passions, he is an inspiration for you?

Yes he is in many ways.


Dimitri Coste

And today, what is the point of view of your kids concerning  your life on two wheels?  The nice video of Thibaut Grevet, “Coste Contemplation” describes your  passion through the eyes of your children, talk me about this “family affair”…

For them its part of who I am, they know my love for motorcycling, and they like to share it with me, the’ re Rad, they love going at the races and play in the pits, they love watching the races even tho my daughter is scared sometimes I get hurt. I think they truly understand why I’m doing this as they ve experienced riding too and they love it.

Before motorcycles in your life were fundamental skateboarding and BMX, what about these passions?

I’m still passionate about Skateboarding and BMX, but don’t get to ride as I used to, its some strong bases of my culture and influences, and I deeply feel like a skater and a BMXer still. Its for life.

OTW.Vans.Photos.4TheDiggest┬®ScottPommier_12 (1)

Scott Pommier ph

BMX, skateboards, you are  Parisian  but it ‘s clear you are fascinating by  American culture; no,  you  really love  United States!  What are the characteristic of this country you love the most?

The paradoxes, the fact that everything is possible in the good and in the bad, the light, the landscapes, the freakiness, the clichés etc….

Dimitri rider, filmmaker, photographer, how much energy and how much curiosity!  I suppose you’re moved by the desire to discover, experiment and test your limits, isn’t it?

I don’t know, I’m fueled by the desire of living and experimenting for sure, I’m not doing things to test my limits… but I love pushing them, and I like it when it turns sketchy and on the edge, but mission gets accomplished. Like going sideways on a turn and saving it right when every spectators thought you would crash !

Never give up style even in the mud! Your style is  unique and you are always so stylish! What is the style for you?

Ah ah thanks, thank you very much, style matters to me yes.

Style can be many things, its not necessary how you are dressed; but its also an attitude, an allure, a way of doing things, looking at things and it goes with being authentic, in my opinion.


Jean François Muguet ph

You are ambassador of Vans, a  lasting collaboration with a legendary brand. What does it mean for you represent this amazing brand?

It’s a kids dream came true, I’ve always been fan of Vans shoes since I’m 5 or 6 years old, being able to be involved with the brand at many different levels was fascinating and lots of fun. being part of this friendly Rad Family is a blessing, and having to design your own signature shoes was a rare and exciting privilege.

Let’s talk about Dimitri photographer, when have you started with the photography, when it became a profession and what about your  equipment?

I started some moons ago as a hobby when I was probably 14 with a Nikon FM2. I’m still using that camera nowadays. I can’t tell you when it became a profession as I feel it felt like havin fun most of the times since 20 years. I probably realized it was a proper job just 10 years ago.

I’ve always shot with Nikon cameras (FM2, F-801, F-90x, F100) and Pentax 67 medium format camera. Then in 2005, I started using digital cameras and switched to Canon as it was way better than Nikon at that time. Thn depending on the jobs or projects I use different cameras, Polaroid SX-70, Kiev60, Minox, Yashica T4, Miu 2, Hasselblads, Leica M6.

There’s a photographic project in wich you are particulary fond?

I dive headfirst in any of em, about work, I love shooting for luxury eyewear brand Jacques Marie Mage, its always inspiring and creative and I get to shoot films. Im constantly workin on new projects, they don’t all make it to life, but a good one is on its way…

Take pictures of  motorcycles for you is natural but what are the emotions connected to motorcycles and why they are so interesting to be photographed?

I grew up admiring riding photos as a child, its about what how it makes me feel, and since I love this, of course I do my best to share my passion the more honest and true way possible, and hopefully it’ll make someone somewhere dream or want to do the same.

You like to fly overseas for your photo shoots, right?

For many things, but its usually Photoshoots of video filming that flies me there, then, if I have a day off I can race, or ride.

You are a vintage lover, maybe nostalgic?  Your photography is often characterized by a retrò atmosphere, what fascinates you in the past?

I’m not certain to be a real nostalgic dude, I really live in the present, but with some special care for things and vibes from certain eras, sometimes other decades, if we re talking about motorcycles, I like the pure innocent and full commitment amateur racers had back in the days. No bullshit, just thrills and passion, real and authentic.

What  are you working on ?

I’m workin on several different things currently.

Preparing a photo exhibition in Paris mid-april, working on a side project involving hot chicks and oldschool BMX, and I’m working hard on developing my passion project O.S.F.A, hopefully should kick off soon and nicely…

Saitama Japan OSFA ┬®Hiro

Hiro ph

What’s you next ambitious project , your next challenge?

I would love to enter the Mexican 1000 with my OSFA Triumph. 1000 miles of desert racing.

I don’t feel like im physically ready for this. I never train and ride only at races, and I don’t have time for it. Being able to race 8hrs a day four days in a row in the desert alone requires to be fit and well trained. That’s why its still a dream. But one day… who knows ?

The real next challenge is on its way, wait and see

LD GIAN LUCA Bultaco Sideburn┬®DimitriCoste18

Dimitri Coste ph




…sexy and the best freedom tool, the place where I feel good happy and alive.


Where can we follow you and admire your art?

On my Instagram @motelcoste or website and Facebook “Dimitri Coste Photography”.

Dimitri Coste

Herve Coutin ph



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