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Name: Derek Nobbs


Location: Somewhere in the West

Job: Freelance Creative




Derek what are your earliest memories related to art? What were your first artistic experiences?


I remember sitting at the little desk my dad built in my room in California drawing dinosaurs with sharp teeth in neon colors. I couldn’t have been more than 5 or 6, that’s my first memory of actually drawing.





Who or what made you become an illustrator -graphic designer?


I got tired of doing what I was doing at the time and had always dabbled in design on the side.  I wanted to do something that allowed me to still work on my terms and allowed me the freedom to pick who I got to work with, and after all, I have a degree in graphic design. I love working one on one with people and brands I respect and admire so it seemed like the right move to make and I’m glad I did. It’s been very rewarding and I’ve met some amazing makers, creatives, businesses, and all around good hearted people along the way.




How did you find your style? Has it changed over time? And how you define it today?


My style is constantly fluid, I get bored if I don’t challenge myself and there are just too many styles I love and want to play with. Many things remain constant through most of my work,  like the hand-drawn element, as well as an emphasis on linework and being inspired by antique and vintage graphics.




What are the artistic projects that are more exciting for you and what are the subjects you love to represent?


Any project that allows me to dive into some old books and old graphics and then use that inspiration to create something fresh and unique.



You are working on design  projects,  illustrations, watercolors, and more! First of all tell me how do you do all this?!? And then briefly explain your projects.


Haha, I just take one project at a time! I’m just doing illustration, branding, and design, at the moment.  I’ve retired my watercolors and have just been working on client projects mostly.  I do have a few couple other things in the work, one that is strictly an artistic endeavour, but that’s a secret to tell at another time.




The place where you live is it inspiring for your Art?


Not at the moment. It was, for a time when I was doing watercolors it was the main theme.  Where I live is surrounded by seawater and along with that came a ton of old creepy nautical tales about shipwrecks, curses, terrible shorelines, and lighthouses filled with the cremated remains of people who had too much money.  A lot of my focus on that was me trying to fall in love with where I lived a someone who was not born here.

It worked for a while, but I kept literally dreaming of the desert and after a short trip back it awoke all my love and curiosity for the hot sun, dusty trails, the sweet smell of the air, and the unimaginable desolate beauty.

So now I am unsure what part my current climate plays in my work, when I get the time to work on a personal design or illustration it’s usually desert based.

Luckily I am creative and aesthetically driven in most aspects of my life, so living here where the winters are 6 months or rain and gloom allows me to collect beautiful blankets with amazing old Beacon style patterns and lots of good coats.



Who supports you in all these projects?


Anyone and everyone from all walks of life. You’d be surprised.



What is the project or collaboration that has given you more satisfaction or that you remember with particular pleasure?


I’m working on one right now that I’m really into, cant talk to much about that right now though.  I’ve had the great luck of working with people who are very open to some cool ideas that expand the scope of their brand while still honoring the core ideals and elements. A few of my favorites are the branding I did for Grease Point Workwear and the Paradin inspired designs I just did for Taglio.



I’m a bit afraid to ask you what are your future plans ?!?!

This year has been a whirlwind, for obvious exhausting reasons, and for so many good reasons, but planning hasn’t really worked out this year so we’ll see where the road takes me.






Derek, what is ART for you?

That’s a giant question, too big to answer here. If there is an asnwer.


Some whimsical nonsense for special places. #dereknobbsdesign

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