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Name: Bailey R. Batchelor
Location: Denver, CO
Job: Photographer/ Creative
Ig: @brbatchelor




Bailey, when did you get into photography?


I grew up with a family that liked to document things. Even as a kid I would run around with cameras. It wasn’t until I was about 13 or 14, my dad took my sister and I to Yosemite, and I felt  connected to things through my camera.

That’s when I realized that I enjoyed it and wanted to pursue it.




Can you remember your first camera and what were your first influences?


I had a few little Kodak film cameras growing up. My first DSLR was a Nikon 3000. I took it everywhere!

I photographed the places I liked, the people I spent time with, and anything else that was around. I especially liked photographing mountain landscapes, since that’s what got me sparked in the first place.



Why photography?


I  like telling stories and I discovered that photography was the best way for me to get my point across. I like to write a lot as well, but my stories always include images.

It just doesn’t feel complete without photos to backup my words.



Who supported you in this choice?


EVERYONE. I couldn’t ask for a better support system.

My mom is my biggest supporter. She wants me to do what makes me happy, and she knew right off the bat that photography made me happy. My grandparents are also huge supporters of me and my work.

I can’t even explain how much they all mean to me.




Your current camera/equipment; details.


I’m currently shooting with a Sony a7r, generally with a 50mm. It’s a super light setup that allows me to take it with me even when I don’t have much space to spare.



Nature is your favorite set, isn’t it?


Definitely! A quote I  love is “if you want to know what someone fears losing, watch what they photograph.”

Nature and the outdoors are really important to me. It’s where I feel most comfortable and where I’ve experienced my favorite memories. I want to document as much as I can before it is further demolished.

So of course, it’s my all time favorite setting.



What’s your favorite light?



Golden hour into sunset has always been my favorite. There’s something about riding a motorcycle, or coming off a mountain when this light floods the landscape. It forces you to take everything in because it’s so beautiful.



What is the place  that inspires you the most?



Moab, Utah.

Everytime I go out there, I come back with my new favorite images. I love the mountains so much, but there is something about the desert that just speaks right to me when I need it most.



Your photography highlights the contrast between the harmony with nature that brings pleasure and lightens the soul and the stress of everyday life. Feelings that you tell in ” Sorrow“,  is nature a therapy?



Oh, of course! We all have our escapes. Being outside is my favorite form of therapy. Whether it’s climbing, hiking, camping, or just photographing things around me, I always feel at peace outside.



What do you ride? What role do motorcycles have in your life?



I ride a 1980 KZ 440 that’s been rebuilt into a cafe bike. Her name is the Sugar Machine.

My mom has been riding motos for a long time, so she’s the number one influence. Motorcycles have become another way for me to get outside and meet like minded people. I’ve met most of my favorite people in the Denver moto scene.

I’m hoping to get into more dirt biking in the upcoming year, that way I’ll be able to go further into the places I enjoy (like Moab!).




Talk me about the project ” Saturdayco Beer.”



Saturdayco is all about craft beer and exploring the wilderness, all while teaching people how to be respectful in wilderness settings. Right now it’s just an instagram page featuring local craft beer from wherever I’m exploring!

I’m hoping to do some community work this summer by pairing up with breweries to get people to come out and do trail cleanups.

My main goal here is to make it cool to be respectful of our environment, well, and to drink a lot of really good beer!




What is the last adventure you have experienced and what will be next?



My last big adventure was to Barcelona, Spain. I went out there with my climbing partner to climb some Spanish limestone. It was one of the best trips I’ve experienced!

As for the next one, I’m not quite sure. Squamish sounds pretty nice!



What are you working on?


Currently I’m just trying to go on as many mini trips as possible.

I like to write short stories on my blog, so I try to keep busy with little adventures. I’m planning on putting together a photo book this summer, probably something to do with traveling in Colorado.

The idea will come together once the weather gets warmer.






Have you any motto or mantra?


In photo, motos, and climbing, the phrase “can’t complain” has always stuck with me.

Because I am privileged enough to do the things that make me happy with people that I love.

It reminds me that even if it’s not a great day, it could still be much worse.





Bailey, what is PHOTOGRAPHY for you?
Photography is an art, a storytelling device, a way to connect with others, and a perfect way for me to document my experiences for anyone willing to listen.


It’s the small things 📌 #moto #Yamaha #denvermoto

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