AryK Old Paint – Hand Lettering & Custom Painting

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Un post condiviso da Aryk Old Paint (@arykoldpaint) in data:

AryK Old Paint – Arianna Carrozzo


The Interview



Arianna Carrozzo
Painter, custom painter, graphic designer, illustrator.


Your father had a garage dedicated to the restoration of cars and vintage cars too. You grew up in that context, what is  your first memory connected with that world?
The first memory date back to the age of 4, when we went with the family to watch a parade of classic cars in Cortina d’Ampezzo.



Your artistic background, main steps.
During my childhood my mother realized that I had artistic skills, so after compulsory education has led me to attend a Graphic Design school, then I graduated in Industrial Design and attended several courses in Fashion Design in Milan. Later the passion for motorcycles has inspired me to use my artistic talents in the motorcycle world combiningit with my  passion for American Vintage.



When you became more and more passionate about Two Wheels?
Since I  was 10 and my brother bought his first real motorcycle.



The fifties, a great love, tell me more about this passion.
I love the ’50s, especially the graphic art  because I think there was a careful use of proportions in graphic design, wide use and research of the lettering and colors study. Slogans in advertising campaigns, were fun and excitings and you could see  the desire of rebirth after the Great War.





In addition to the ’50s, what are the main sources of inspiration for your work?
Traveling is one of my sources of inspiration. When I travel my mind opens up and fills with ideas. Many of my artworks were inspired by the journeys I have made around the world.



Technique and artistic process.
I like to decorate by brush, as taught by the old Von Dutch. I do not like the airbrush although sometimes helps me in some situation. The brush I find it more in line with my style and what I represent.



Are you a biker ? What do you ride?
Yes, I’m a biker and I ride a wonderful HONDA CB 400 Four!




Moto Events like “The Reunion”, ” The Sunride”, ” Wheels & Waves” are really important to share and show your Art, your ideas.
What about your experience during these events?
These events are very important in the world of motorcycles. You can’t lose them ! Unfortunately,  I  usually visit these events to work and not to enjoy it as a biker!



Antonio Serini Ph – @arykoldpaint


“Lord of the Bikes” TV Show- the first Italian contest dedicated to the world of custom. You are a judge, what a responsability! And I guess, what a  great satisfaction!
Please tell me more about this experience.
“Lord of the Bikes” was and it is a wonderful experience! Memorable for me. It’s very difficult to judge the work done by the guys because I’m a woman  😉 and because some of the customizers are friends .In this second edition the guys put us in great trouble, the choice is always more difficult and  we often decide at the last minute!



Current projects and collabs.
I continue to work with helmets and Moto gear brands, but I especially take care of my clients that I like to satisfy customizing tanks, helmets, leather jackets and more.
What do you think of the great success that the world  of Cafe Racer is having in these years?
I’m happy for the success that the world of classic bikes is having in these years. I like everything that is part of the story, I am a vintage lover, all that belongs to the past can only make me happy.
Today the trend is to customize motorcycles because craft things, the ones customized are always the most fascinating.
Your motorcycle is your passion so it should represent you. It is a reflection of who you really are.




A thing about Arianna I absolutely have to know.
hahahah!  You should ask this to my husband! I change my ideas  thousand times a day, I’m passionate about many things, I’m hyperactive and a volcano of thoughts and projects!



An artistic project you dream to realize.
I think I have already realized many dreams but one day I’d  like to create my own collection  of customized helmets and clothes, my own brand!





A Motorcycle is…
Too obvious to say that is synonymous of freedom…riding a bike is the ideal way to be surrounded by nature, you have the control on the motorcycle, is pure emotion, but if you underestimate its power, the bike can betray you .
The bike allows you to be alone with your thoughts, that’s my idea of motorcycle!








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