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posted by Nicoletta Rolla April 18, 2017 0 comments
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Name: Ana Pina

Location: Porto, Portugal

Job: Photographer, Videographer, 3D artist

Instagram: @_anapina_



When you started with photography?


From an early age the arts aroused my interest, especially photography. My first contact with a camera, was with a Nikon fm2. I can clearly remember ask for a camera to my parents so many times! And when I was 12, I received my first camera, an Olympus Mju 1, Yey! Professionally, I’ve started working a few years ago.




Why you love this kind of art?

I think the possibility to capture some moment, and can see it later, it’s something pretty amazing! And with photography I can and I love, capture the key moments. Sometimes the difference between those “key moments” and a “normal” moment is just a second…a click! And it’s that click that I’m always looking for. For me, cliché or not, a picture worth more than a thousand words.






Nikon! D7100, and a couple of lens.






Black and White or Colors.


I’m a huge black and white lover. The contrast between the black and white, and the scale of grays throughout the entire image it’s absolutely stunning! But sometimes I feel that colors have to be used, because I have an amazing sunset light, or warm autumn colors, or just for the motorcycle colors! But for sure I’m a black and white person, even in my clothes.




Are you a biker?

Not yet. But I wish I already have an Honda Cb 750, Brat/Café.





What’s your relation with Two Wheels, and why they are so inspired for your work?


Since I was a little girl I remember having a passion for motorcycles. I used to have posters of Valentino Rossi in my room and motorcycles miniatures! I liked bikes like, Honda cbr, vtr, Kawasaki Ninja… until a friend of mine open his own garage (TonupGarage) and show me the vintage style, the customize and caferacer world. It was love at first sight! And at that moment, I realized that I should gather these two passions – photography and motorcycles.

I think the custom world is pretty awesome, especially the huge design diversity which it’s influenced by the different beauty concepts and style of the designers and builders, and also the possibility of each motorcycle be unique.

It’s super funny watching the riders and realize that we can perceive a little of their personality by the motorcycles they ride. So, when you ask me why they inspire my work, these are the mainly reasons. Then, I just mix that with my own personal style and sense of art.







A Motorcycle is…

…a beautiful and amazing engine that give us a sense of freedom, lightness and speed.





What about your local, Portuguese, Moto scene?

We are a small country, but I think we have some really awesome designers and builders. To be honest, people still have some misjudgments with motorcycles but I think they are evolving and changing their minds and start getting through this amazing engines.






An unforgettable Moto-Adventure?

Several! I think all the festivals, rides and races have always something unforgettable. Sometimes by the conditions which I photograph, by the people with whom I go, by the funny things that happened, and also for the things that went wrong, such as falling, hurt myself, breakdowns and get lost after the 5 first minutes of a ride… However, I think this small things and bad situations, are the things that most stay in our minds and which we remember with a big smile and longing.



A place you really love to enjoy motorcycles.


Any place! I’m that kind of person when hear a motorcycle, I turn my head to see which is! I really love the feeling when I arrive at some motorcycle event and I’m surrounded by the sound of the engines, by the smoke, by the smell of gasoline and hot rubber tires… It’s magical! But I have to confess, the dirty races with a lot of dust, give me a special joy! (Like Dusty Track).



You are really beautiful. Your beauty in a generally “male” context, has sometimes been an obstacle for your job?

Aw, Thanks! But not at all, the guys are always nice to me. They talk, they mess with me and also worried about if I’m ok or if I need something. All good fellas! I’ve made some good friends on this motorcycle world.





Current projects and collabs.


I work with some garages, brands and motorcycle events. But I also work with photography, video and 3D in other different areas.





Future plans and artistic dreams.


I wish I could have the possibility of working and cooperate with more brands, garages, motorcycle events and also with magazines! Not only in Portugal but in other countries too … that’s my dream! And of course, have more photo exhibitions in the entire world!





A thing about Ana I absolutely have to know.

I’m always the funny and smiling girl, who is a fighter for human and animal rights.




Photography is….
…a part of me. A fascinating art form in the many styles which it’s presented! A love for life.





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