Ali Beletic – Sculptor & Musician

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Ali Beletic-9342-fullframe


Name: Ali Beletic

Location: Joshua Tree + Los Angeles, CA

What do you Do: Musician and Installation Artist

Website/Instagram: @alibeletic

Ali Beletic - Joshua Tree-1547

@alibeletic Joshua Tree


“Ali Beletic is an artist who plays by her own rules.”

The Interview


The moment when you fell in love with Music:

 I had a very musical

childhood. My brother was 6 years older than me and had all these cool tapes.

Sex Pistols, Fugazi, Sonic Youth, etc. My mother was a singer and we’d go to the

clubs to see her sing. I studied singing and piano. Music was always a personal

passion and study for me. It wasn’t until I moved to the Sonoran desert of

Arizona, getting away from the art punk saturation of Brooklyn, that I decided I

had a record I wanted to make. I was really inspired and just began writing and

really finding I had a lot of expression to turn into music. That’s when I decided

to make a career of it.

Ali Beletic - Live-1295

@alibeletic Live


Icons in Music:

Alice Coltrane, Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, Roberta

Flack, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Sonny Sharrock, the Stooges, Creedence Clearwater,

Ray Charles, Beach Boys, Beatles, Amina Alouai, Mary Travers, Howlin’ Wolf,

Bob Dylan, Skip James, Akon, Leadbelly, Rokia Traore, Blind Willie Mctell, Sly

and the Family Stone, Marilyn Barbarin, Otis Redding, Gal Costa, Sally Nyolo,

Sandy Bull, Francoise Hardy, Ali Farka Toure, I am the walrus — this list could go

on forever..





Most inspiring Place to composing songs:

My Studio, it has all my cool gear.

ali beletic-8696

@alibeletic Studio


Your latest Album:

Legends of These Lands Left to Live (http://




Everyday Sources of Inspiration for your Art:

I have two sides of inspiration

for my work. One is more rock n roll. It is meant to be loud, declaritive, and

celebratory. It’s about a certain vanguardism. Something I see missing in this

new post-modern landscape. The other side of my expression is more nature

based, also celebratory, but more subtle. The inspirations on that side fall more

into looking at the broad perspectives of humanity. I love looking

anthropologically at art to learn about how different cultures have developed

different ideologies and paradigms through which to live their lives. The

spectrum of aesthetics reflect these differing ways of life. I try to engage

symbolism in that way. Also, I spend a lot of time in the natural world, observing

the behavior of animals, the plant life and ecology. There are some senses in the

wild that humans have forgotten. I try to engage some of these senses in my

larger installation work.




Ali-Beletic-Pray For Rain - Moonlight Photo Jay Ritchey

“Pray for Rain” ph Jay Ritchey




Your Artistic Installations, Process and Aim:

My aim with my installation

artwork is usually to create a 360 degree sensual experience, where the

audience can have access to latent instincts. I mostly like to work on larger

installations and sculptures that are on the human scale, so they work with our

sense of equilibrioception. My process is pretty simple. I start with drawing.

Once I settle on the idea. I work on building it. This is a cyclical process of

research, materials, and shifting the design to fit the idea, location, material and

architecture of the pieces. Then I do a build and an install. I spent some time

working in the art department for films, so I use a very streamlined and articulate








The Desert as the Place of Creation:

In the US, some of our Go West, Rugged

Individualism iconography is stored in the landscape of the California deserts.

Recently, I’ve been working out of this landscape. I have done a couple art

installations using my motorbike in this landscape, with that as a context to the




Ali Beletic - Horizon Parallel -3

“Horizon Parallel” @alibeletic




You and The Motorcycle:

I love riding in the backcountry. I am way more of an

adventure rider, than a daily cruiser. For me, it’s all pleasure. I love the ability of

a dirt bike to get you to some remote spot in just a couple of hours and the ride in

is always so epic, with challenging trails, and beautiful views.

Ali Beletic - Horizon Parallel -2- Motorcycles

“Horizon Parallel” @alibeletic





Feelings connected to the Moto – Experience:

Fun, adventure, and the ability

to go anywhere.

Ali Beletic - Moto-2






Best Adventure on Two Wheels:

One time while riding in India, I remember

riding through a small village and getting wonderfully stuck in wedding parade.

The entire village was out celebrating, dancing, dressed in the most vivid colors,

with bells, drums and various noisemakers. And there we were riding in the

procession as part of the celebration. It was truly one of my favorite memories.




Nature, as the Element that connects your MUSIC, ART and MOTO LOVE?

Yes, but even more so vanguardism.







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